China Comes Ahead to Save Russia

"China State Visit" (CC BY 2.0) by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

China is becoming the mouthpiece of Russia in its disinformation campaign as the western media starts scrutinizing Russian media outlets.

Now, the Chinese are the frontline helpers of Russia, assisting them in extending their narrative worldwide.

China is Helping Russian Disinformation Campaign

Russian state news channels faced a setback last month when they were banned in European countries and faced severe restrictions worldwide. 

However, Chinese media is propagating disinformation campaigns, claiming NATO and Ukraine are the actual aggressors in the war and the Ukrainian government is a pro-Nazi entity. 

Chinese state media pages have more than one billion followers on Facebook alone, which gives it access to such a huge audience to propagate lies.

Thus, they are backing Russian claims that Russia is doing a “special operation” against the neo-Nazi government of Ukraine.

Similarly, the Chinese are making up some events that never happened in real life. For instance, they are claiming neo-Nazis of Ukraine targeted civilian hospitals when they were targeted by Russian forces in real.

Accusing the Ukrainian president of being manipulated by American billionaire George Soros, the Chinese media is also giving airtime to high-profile Russian officials who were blocked on western media otherwise.

Brey Schafer, the head of the information manipulation team in a watchdog to oversee Chinese and Russian media, debunked the whole collusion between Russia and China.

He stated many governments and tech platforms are censoring the Russian disinformation campaign, but China is helping Putin by letting his narrative spread all over the world without any worry.

This, in turn, is undermining the authorities of western governments in curbing the disinformation campaigns of Russia. 

Similarly, Kate Starbird, an associate professor at the University of Washington, said despite the fact many journalists are covering the situation in Ukraine and reporting fairly, the Russian disinformation campaign can still influence a significant number of people. 

Russians Using Chinese App, TikTok, to Propagate Lies

When the war started, Russia was quick in dissenting from the view the war was unjustified and claimed it was just a limited-scale special operation.

However, as time went by, most of the world started banning Russia. YouTube and Facebook followed suit and restricted Russian outreach to the masses.

Though there is a sense prevailing that the Chinese app TikTok is also helping the Russian narrative.

An organized campaign is being run by Russia to pay TikTok influencers to promote the Russian version of events, not to mention pro-Putin groups are also commenting en masse on YouTube videos against Ukraine.

Russian embassies are also playing their part in this campaign of the Russian government.

According to FakeReporter, an Israeli disinformation research group, Russian embassies created almost 65 Telegram channels on which the narrative of Russian forces is being furthered with full force.

Although social media outlets, particularly Twitter, started pushing these sorts of groups down, many people have already joined them.