China Criticized U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Chinese foreign minister condemned the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan while giving a warning stating that the U.S. is shirking its responsibility. 

China: stop the U.S. from “shirking its responsibility”

In a joint meeting with Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) last Wednesday, Wang Webin Chinese foreign minister lambasted the United States for its decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. The Chinese foreign minister also called upon the Eurasian alliance to stop America from “shirking its responsibility.” 

In the meeting, Wang added that the United States needs to do more to stop the Taliban from gaining strength. He also added that the U.S. needs to give greater security assistance to the government of Afghanistan. 

After the SCO summit, the Chinese foreign minister said that being the initiator of the Afghan issue, the U.S. cannot simply walk away, generate more problems for the Afghan government, and put the burden on regional countries. 

The meeting involved four member nations of Afghanistan, such as China, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. According to Wang, the summit was important because of the “hasty withdrawal” of the United States and the NATO troops from the two-decade war. 

However, the harsh rhetoric against the U.S. about its withdrawal from Afghanistan became a usual talking point for China. This move is shown to be related to China’s move in proving that they can be a reliable ally, particularly to developing nations. 

China also added that they are concerned about the rising threat of terrorists in the region; they hence called the member nations of the SCO to work as a united front in preventing the three main forces of terrorism, namely extremism, separatism, and terrorism.

Former President Trump removed the destination of the Uyghur Islamic group as a terrorist organization

Previously, China used the threat of terrorism to justify the genocide they committed in Xinjiang province against the Uyghurs. 

After the attacks on 9/11, the United States appointed the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, an Uyghur Islamic group, as a terrorist organization with alleged connections with Al Qaeda. 

However, in 2020, the former Trump administration removed the designation and citing “no credible evidence” of their continued extremist ties with Al Qaeda. This move angered China. Chinese officials routinely referred to the allegations of extremism among the Uyghur as a justification for forced labor and wrongful imprisonment. 

The United States, together with several western nations, condemned China’s treatment of the Uyghur population as well as the rampant human rights abuses. China, on the other hand, rejected these claims during a press conference on terrorism. On Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for heightened measures about counter-terrorism initiatives. 

Earlier this month, Biden argued that the role of the United States in Afghanistan had been completed. However, he added that it is now up to the Afghan government to protect its sovereignty. However, the U.S. will continue to help counter the Taliban through airstrikes.