China Endorsed Russia Publicly

For a long time, China was having a tough time extending its support to Russia. However, this time, the country endorsed Russian measures, calling American sanctions “illegal.”

China Finally Backs Russia Openly

Just a few days ago, Biden talked with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and warned him about severe implications, should the country try to back Russia.

However, the Chinese president suggested he was not supporting Russian aggression against Ukraine. The latest remarks of China suggest the country is stepping up to join team Russia.

It is widely believed China is drawing courage from Russian actions to propagate its own invasion of Taiwan. At the moment, the South Asian giant is using the cost-benefit model to make a final foreign policy decision.

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi noted Wednesday that China is “more determined” to establish tighter relations with Russia.

After this determination, the relations between both countries would reach “high levels,” the foreign minister added. 

The Russian foreign ministry commented along the same lines. As per the Russian minister, both countries are against the illegal sanctions of Americans against Russia.

Meanwhile, just one day after the announcement of de-escalation, Russia has once again started to bomb critical facilities in Ukraine.

Reportedly, there is an ongoing rift within the Putin administration as the US suggested that Putin’s advisers purposefully misinformed him regarding the progress of the war.

This they did by hiding the actual setbacks from the president, who was expected to be disappointed by the Russian progress in Ukraine.

When Russia announced to cut off its military operations, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy immediately called these claims fraudulent.

On Wednesday, Russia launched fresh attacks on the capital city of Kyiv and Chernihiv, signaling it is in no mood to control its guns as of now. 

Vladyslav Astroshenko, the mayor of the troubled city of Chernihiv, revealed most families in the city are left with food for just another week.

Speaking to CNN, he noted these renewed attacks suggest Russia is always dishonest and not a trustworthy country.

Since Russia announced it would reduce attacks, the country has bombed a library, a shopping mall, and an industrial facility, thus disrupting every walk of life.

China is filling the power vacuum in Afghanistan

Meanwhile, America’s haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan is also attracting China. 

China is leading the talks between Afghanistan’s immediate neighbors, including Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Russia. 

According to reports, China is likely to discuss the possible solutions to curb the prevailing humanitarian crisis in the country that intensified after the American withdrawal.

Since America does not recognize the Taliban government, there are no ongoing direct talks between them, hence pushing America out of the equation in the Afghan settlement.

This is being capitalized by regional powers, primarily Russia and China, both of which are the two largest adversaries of the United States.