Chinese Communist Party Facing Serious Problems

China has repeatedly made headlines for its abrasive COVID mitigation tactics. These tactics involve denying citizens their ability to leave their homes or enter certain venues.

What’s become known as China’s “Zero COVID” policy has faced international condemnation, due to its disregard for human rights.

Lately, more folks in China have been standing up against the decisions put in place by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Earlier this month, viral footage showed Chinese residents knocking down barricades in the streets and otherwise making their objections to strict policies known.

Now, Epoch Times reports that CCP members are running into some serious problems with COVID amongst themselves.

Bad News For the Chinese Communist Party

Officials in the CCP are finding themselves coming down with COVID, experiencing nasty symptoms of this virus, and subsequently having to recieve medical care.

At least some of what’s behind this new surge within CCP officials getting sick is believed to be the omicron variant of COVID. This variant is tied to multiple deaths within the CCP, along with health officials in China.

Furthermore, it’s been reported that the numbers currently on the books do not encompass the full picture. This means that for every one case the public is aware of within the CCP, there are likely several others going unreported.

Mass bodies dropping like this definitely equate to problems for China. Some funeral parlors have now taken to burning corpses that passed from COVID. Meanwhile, it’s believed that up to 5,000 persons per day in China are losing their lives to this virus.

Zero COVID Policy Fails?

Given the high rates of infection and death that China is facing, some folks have made the case that the nation’s Zero COVID policy was a failure.

It’s also been pointed out that the measures taken by the communist regime prevented natural immunity from coming into play. Though here in the United States, much of the country has natural immunity, which rivals COVID-19 vaccines.

At the end of the day, time will tell how things play out in China and what lies ahead for the CCP. However, videos and images of maxed out hospitals and other concerning states of affairs remain viral on social media.

Many people who oppose draconian COVID mandates are now warning that what’s happening in China is a prime example of what not to do. If China’s COVID situation gets even more out of control, it could potentialy face travel restrictions from other nations.

What do you think about CCP higher-ups being ravaged by problems with COVID? Do you believe China’s Zero COVID policy was a success or failure? We’d be more than happy to learn about your insight and perspective on these issues in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.