Chinese President Ignores Biden’s Concerns

Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Bali, Indonesia for the first time since becoming president.

While Biden seems optimistic that Xi understands his point of view on Taiwan, political insiders suggest the Chinese president does not care about what Biden is saying about Taiwan.

After meeting with Biden, Xi once again argued that Taiwan needs to become a part of China for a peaceful world.

China Completely Ignoring Biden

Biden and Xi discussed a wide variety of issues, with a particular focus on Taiwan.

Reportedly, the Chinese president told Biden that Taiwan is the red line in Sino-US relations; so the United States must not try to cross it, adding that the Taiwan issue is the top priority of China.

Although Biden told Xi that America is concerned about the Taiwan issue, political observers believe Xi does not care what Biden is saying about Taiwan.

In her CNN show, “OutFront,” Erin Burnett interviewed New York Times columnist Tom Friedman. Burnett played Biden’s video clip, in which he was saying Xi understands America’s position on the Taiwan issue.

Though, Burnett continued, Xi’s remarks suggest he does not care about Biden’s position on Taiwan.

Furthermore, Burnett asked Friedman that Xi appeared in a Chinese military outfit, asking his soldiers to prepare for war, just a few days before meeting with Biden.

Responding to this, Friedman suggested Xi is potentially diverting people’s attention from China’s poor economic growth through these tactics.

China Wants to Annex Taiwan at any Cost 

According to Burnett, Biden told Xi that the China-Taiwan conflict needs to be resolved peacefully.

However, Burnett added, Xi told the media after meeting with Biden that peace cannot happen with an independent Taiwan, indirectly referring to his long-standing position that China must annex Taiwan in order to bring stability to the region.

Though Friedman told Burnett that Xi might not attack Taiwan, considering he would lose his export markets in the United States and Europe after facing global sanctions like Russia.

Friedman added that America’s best approach towards Taiwan is to completely observe silence on the issue, while quietly strengthening Taiwan’s military.

After his three-hour-long meeting with Xi, Biden pledged that America would compete with China, but he dismissed any possibility of conflict with China.

Previously, Xi categorically asked Biden not to play with fire by interfering in the Taiwan issue. The political tensions between the two countries reached dangerously high when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan with a congressional delegation.

During Pelosi’s visit, the Chinese army staged military exercises around Taiwan while shooting missiles in the exclusive economic zones of Japan.

While Beijing claims Taiwan is an integral part of China, Taiwan’s government has repeatedly denied China’s claims.

The United States also encouraged China to work for Taiwan’s independence, but America still observes a One China policy, according to which Taiwan is a part of China.