CIA Confirms Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Lied

The Democrats’ narrative of tying Russia to former President Trump has been completely busted.

Special counsel John Durham stated in the latest court filing that data submitted by Michael Sussmann, Clinton’s campaign’s lawyer, was not “technically plausible,” according to the CIA.

Hillary Clinton’s False Narrative is Checkmated

In the court filing Friday, Durham answered Sussmann’s objections to what type of evidence could be presented in Clinton’s lawyer’s trial.

The lawyer will face trial starting next month for lying to the FBI. He told the FBI he did not attend the meeting in which he was actually present on behalf of Clinton’s campaign.

In February, Durham maintained the government would establish the exploited data by the Hillary Clinton campaign included DNS traffic that was manipulated intentionally.

This data was engineered in order to launch a smear campaign against Trump as the Clinton campaign tried to tie the former president with Russia.

However, Sussman objected to the gathering of data, for which Durham filed a court filing on Friday. According to Durham, this data gathering was a “factual backdrop” against Hillary’s campaign.

Originally, Durham accused Sussman of lying to James Baker, former general counsel of the FBI, two months before the 2016 presidential election.

In the meeting where Sussman said he was absent, he originally presented the data and white papers to Hillary’s campaign in his bid to make a relationship between Trump and Alfa Bank, which has connections with Russia.

Not only this, but Durham also stated apart from the FBI, Sussman provided an “updated set of allegations” against Trump to another government agency.

Fox News confirmed the other agency was the CIA.


Thus, Durham noted in his filing the government is aiming to provide evidence that clearly shows the FBI and CIA stated Sussman’s allegations were false.

CIA Caught Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer’s Lies

According to Durham, the FBI was struggling to verify the authenticity of the data provided by Sussman; however, the CIA also noted this data was not “technically plausible.”

It “contained gaps,” which seems to show it was “user created.”

Though still, Durham announced his office had not reached the final conclusion as of now.

So, Durham established the verdict of the jury will now help to evaluate if the actions of Sussman were politically motivated and made to influence government functioning.

The special counsel also outlined the hidden connection between the anti-Trump dossier and Sussman, which accused Trump of having ties to the Russian government.

This dossier was written by a former intelligence officer of Britain, Christopher Steele, and sponsored by Fusion GPS, which is an opposition research firm.

So Durham believes Sussman took the help of Fusion GPS in order to further the interests of the Clinton campaign.

Sussman pleaded not guilty and asked the court to dismiss the case, an offer the court already rejected.