CIA Psychologist Who Interrogated 9/11 Terrorists Gave a Stern Warning

Dr. James Mitchell is criticizing the Biden administration’s approach to the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan; this comes as the country marks the 20th year anniversary of the 9/11 attack. 

Mitchell: the decision made by the Biden administration to withdraw the U.S. troops puts us at greater risk

The CIA psychologist assisted in designing a program to interrogate the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attack; he also said that the decision made by the Biden administration to withdraw from Afghanistan placed us at further risk.

Mitchell added that the Taliban will most likely place the blame on another terrorist group for any future attacks. 

Mitchell noted that the U.S. has given the Taliban money, arms, and safe haven for devising terrorist attacks. He continued, stating he did not know what the U.S. was thinking when we made the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops.

According to records, the United States spent over $80 billion in Afghanistan over the past 20 years. On top of this, there were also thousands of weapons left in the nation after U.S. forces left Kabul. 

Mitchell noted when it comes to answering to attacks that come from the Taliban, the terror group will probably attempt to disassociate themselves. The CIA psychologist emphasized how the Taliban spoke to Biden, saying they would not attack Americans, but then letting ISIS bomb and killed 13 U.S. troops. 

Mitchell to the Biden administration: they should be ashamed of themselves

Mitchell added he thinks it’s “naive” for the U.S. to believe we can treat people who wanted to force Sharia Law into the world as if they are an ordinary form of government. He noted that he believes democracy and Sharia Law cannot co-exist. 

The psychologist insisted that the U.S. has to rescue the families who were stuck in Afghanistan and we should place all efforts we can into saving Americans from what is happening in Afghanistan.

Mitchell then emphasized that the people who caused these Americans to be stuck in Afghanistan should be “ashamed” of themselves. Mitchell is a CIA psychologist who designed the interrogation method, particularly for those who were trained to resist interrogation.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the person accused of planning the 9/11 terror attack and a person who the CIA psychologist interrogated back in 2003. Mohammed appeared in court for the first time in 500 days on Tuesday.

His appearance comes after the pretrial hearings have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mohammed appeared together with four other detainees from Guantanamo Bay. 

Mohammed, together with four other defendants, is charged with multiple crimes; included among these crimes are hijacking, terrorism, and 2,976 counts of murder. This follows their alleged acts of devising the 9/11 attacks and also giving logistical support to the plan.