CNN Anchor Used “Sources” to Help Andrew Cuomo

CNN host Chris Cuomo used his media sources to get information about the women who accused his elder brother, Andrew Cuomo, the recent New York governor, of sexual harassment.

Although Chris Cuomo acknowledged in the past helping his brother in the sexual harassment scandal, his involvement was much more extensive than what was previously known.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo helped Andrew Cuomo

The New York Attorney General released a score of evidence (video interviews, transcripts, and text messages) accusing the younger Cuomo of helping his brother in the sexual harassment case.

According to the newly released evidence, Chris Cuomo remained in touch with one of the aides of Andrew Cuomo, Melissa DeRosa. He also kept informing her about the incoming media reports regarding his brother’s alleged sexual harassment case.

Initially, Chris Cuomo offered help to DeRosa in the case during early March. After New York Times reports that Andrew Cuomo tried to kiss a woman at a wedding, Chris Cuomo told Melissa DeRosa that he got some information about “the wedding girl.”

The newly published report revealed the younger Cuomo told investigators he consulted with his “sources” regarding the allegations against his brother. Likewise, Chris Cuomo asked his sources about unpublished news of his brother’s case to get insight and information of what could come into the media against his brother.

Although Chris Cuomo told the investigators the names of the sources, the attorney general’s office did not disclose the names. The new revelations suggest Chris Cuomo also sent text messages to DeRosa with full written statements the former governor had to deliver on his own behalf.

CNN suspended Chris Cuomo indefinitely following the reports

CNN said the media outlet would review the documents released by the attorney general, noting they will seek additional clarity about the records in the upcoming days.

While CNN suspended Chris Cuomo for breaching the code of conduct of the channel, the spokesperson also noted the channel understood Cuomo’s need to prefer family over the job.

Cuomo was a prime-time anchor of the channel; his hour-long program was usually the most-watched during the whole day. Charlotte Bennett, Andrew Cuomo’s former aide who accused him of harassment, noted if CNN does not fire the younger Cuomo, it would show the channel’s lack of morals.

Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat governor from New York, found himself in troubled waters as more than ten women accused him of harassment, which prompted his resignation.

While the former governor denied all the allegations against him (claiming the attorney general was politically motivated), the investigations that followed found Andrew Cuomo did harass multiple women, forcing unwanted kisses and hugs onto them.

Not only this, but the state’s attorney general also noted the former governor tried to stop at least one woman from coming forward with her sexual harassment story.