CNN Contributor: Democrats Have “Bad Followers”

Paul Begala, a CNN contributor, smashed Democrats’ followers for not passing the voting rights bill, despite Biden’s attempt to persuade them so much.

Democrats have good leaders, but bad followers

A daughter-in-law of Martin Luther King Jr., Andrea Waters King, issued a statement suggesting Biden can pass any bill when he puts his full force behind it, the example which was seen in the case of the infrastructure bill.

Referring to that, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow asked a question in a panel discussion on Monday about whether or not this criticism against Biden was legitimate.

Thus responding to that question, Begala noted one success could follow other successes in Congress; however, Biden is putting all his effort into passing the voting rights bill, and still, he is unable to pass it.

According to Begala, Democrats’ problem is not the top leadership, but they have “bad followers.”

Begala, who also served as an aide to the former President Bill Clinton, mentioned an essay of Andrew Young, a former confidant of Martin Luther King, in which he mentioned how MLK helped President Lyndon Johnson in passing the voting rights bill.

According to him, when Johnson claimed he did not have enough power to entertain the voting rights issue, King helped him by mobilizing churches, civil society, businesses, and labor unions to create awareness about voting rights.

Begala stated those who want Biden to pass the voting rights bill should work on individual capacities so Biden can have good followers.

Americans lashed out at Begala for accusing them of Biden’s failure

However, these comments landed Begala in trouble; he received criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

Nina Turner, a progressive activist, reacted with an emoji of a hand in her face, writing “God. God. No,” in a sarcastic tone.

Dana Loesch, a conservative radio host, stated these comments will “go over like a lead balloon.” Pradheep Shanker, a National Review contributor, sarcastically said this is the fault of Americans.

In addition to this, a TV host Krystal Ball taunted that the Democrat Party can never fail, but only its followers can make it fail.

Walker Bragman, a famous cartoonist, called the issue “Ship of Fools,” referring to an allegory, which indicates any problem of governance not addressed by experts.

The voting rights debate has once again gained momentum in America as Democrats vowed to pass their two stalled bills in Congress, which they promised to bring in the Senate by MLK Day.

However, they failed, as Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema refused to abolish the filibuster. 

During his rally in Arizona on Saturday, Trump warned Republicans to be cautious about the Democrats’ bill. Trump highlighted that no Republican will ever get elected if the two bills are passed.

According to the former president, Democrats’ only ambition is to replace American votes with illegal votes, which will undermine the US democracy.