CNN Ignored Chris Cuomo’s Involvement With Andrew Cuomo’s Scandals

CNN’s on-air broadcasts ignored the involvement of their news anchor Chris Cuomo’s involvement with his brother’s sexual harassment scandal; that comes despite New York Attorney General Letitia James releasing a report stating that Chris Cuomo is one of the advisors the New York governor consulted on how to handle the sexual harassment allegations. 

Attorney General Letitia James included in her report an email made by Chris Cuomo to his brother Andrew Cuomo, advising him how to handle the sexual harassment scandal

Included in the lengthy report of Attorney General Letitia James is an email from the CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, dated February 28. In the email, Chris Cuomo gave his brother suggestions on how to handle the allegations.

Then, a day after that, he went on air and told the viewers that “obviously” he cannot cover the scandal surrounding his brother, claiming conflict of interest. 

Later in May, Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, acknowledge that Chris Cuomo was wrong to advise his brother about how to handle the allegations. However, the news network did not issue any sanctions against Chris Cuomo. 

Meanwhile, a report was published stating how Chris Cuomo, among other reporters, regularly receives privileged and confidential information related to state operations.

The report also added that this leaked information assisted in making a decision that affects state businesses and employees without any duty, role, or obligation to the state. 

Despite the documented involvement of Chris Cuomo with the allegations against his brother, CNN ignored mentioning it when they were talking about the report from the Attorney General. 

The staffers of CNN network were supportive of Cuomo, recognizing that viewers are expected to see him on one of the highest-rated shows in CNN

John King, “Inside Politics” anchor was, however, a notable exception as he mentioned Chris Cuomo halfway through his segment. Yet, the news anchor downplayed the apparent involvement of Chris Cuomo with his brother’s political scandal, as nothing but a brother to brother talk. 

Meanwhile, the report of the Attorney General emphasized that Andrew Cuomo’s dependence on “loyal confidants” (such as CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo) fostered a workplace where Cuomo’s sexual harassment was allowed to persist and flourish. 

Although CNN’s coverage about the involvement of Chris Cuomo was less likely to be seen on-air, CNN reporter Brian Stelter covered the issue extensively in his newsletter “Reliable Sources”. 

Stelter wrote that inside the CNN network, some employees that he spoke with were supportive of the governor and his brother.

He added that some staffers recognize the fact that no one can choose who their family members are; this was noted with the fact that CNN viewers were expecting to see Chris Cuomo on air for his “Prime Time” show.