CNN Slammed for Endless COVID-19 Coverage

"President Trump Travels to Michigan" (Public Domain) by The White House

For months upon months now, endless coverage of coronavirus has bombarded the American people. The nation heard about it nonstop when the stay-at-home orders and lockdowns of businesses dominated the country. Americans have also been reminded of the virus thanks to face mask mandates and limits on gatherings.

At this point, some — if not most — Americans are tired of hearing about the virus. People are more than aware of the reality that this virus has claimed some lives. However, endless lockdowns and endless mask mandates are already being proven as counterproductive.


Americans are finding ways to gather, pushing for reopenings; even the people who have championed things like shutdowns, social distancing requirements, and mask mandates were caught breaking their own rules.

On Monday, President Trump spoke out against the nonstop news coverage of coronavirus. To be precise, the 45th president criticized CNN as “dumb bastards” for repeatedly harping on the virus, explaining that most Americans want to be left alone, reports Breitbart News.

Trump vs. CNN on COVID-19

Like other mainstream media outlets, CNN repeatedly covers the worst news associated with COVID-19, while using the most sensational headlines to do so.

In covering coronavirus updates, CNN does not talk about the extremely high recovery percentages; these percentages range between 94.6% and 99.997% with the main factors being age and health status.

Many Americans are fed up with sensationalized headlines that are only meant to drum up fear and panic; apparently, President Trump also feels the same way. Yesterday, during a rally in Arizona, the president stated that CNN is working to “talk people out of voting” by covering nothing other than “Covid, covid, pandemic.”

Finally, Trump ripped the left-leaning network as “dumb bastards,” professing that Americans aren’t falling for it. The president then specifically called out CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo.

The president criticized Cuomo for talking about nothing other than coronavirus and questioned Cuomo’s claims to have contracted the virus weeks ago.

The Greatest Trojan Horse

Like the president alluded to, numerous Americans believe that COVID-19 is being used as a tool to control people and even influence the 2020 election’s outcome.

Many Democrat governors continue to keep their states shut down; meanwhile, the economy is gradually coming back, yet would bounce back faster if Democrats lifted their restrictions.

President Trump has also called upon Democrat governors to reopen their states and get people back to work. Furthermore, Trump confirms that the nation will not be undergoing any more lockdowns in response to coronavirus.

What do you think about President Trump’s assessment of CNN? Have you grown sick and tired of nonstop COVID-19 coverage? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments section.