Concerns About Russia in Iran Nuclear Deal at its Peak

Republican lawmakers are worried about the involvement of Russia in Iran’s nuclear deal talks.  

They believe negotiating the deal is wrong in the first place, and the inclusion of Russia makes it even worse.

The United States is breaching its international pledges under the Biden administration

The GOP has always remained skeptical of Democrats’ ambitions to revive the nuclear deal; however, this time, the timing of the talks is bothering them even more.

This is due to the fact that Russia is a major player in the talks; it is also invading Ukraine at the moment. Brain Fitzpatrick, a Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania, asserted that Russians should not be entertained on any negotiations table.

Claiming that Russia is involved in “egregious acts of terrorism,” Fitzpatrick added that he is “very concerned” about the talks as they are about to conclude.

Apart from Russia’s involvement in the deal, lawmakers are worried about Iran’s intentions as well. Thus Fitzpatrick noted that the Iranian regime is not operating in “good faith,” at a time when the Biden administration is even reluctant to enforce already existing agreements.


He was referring to a 1994 agreement when Ukraine decided to surrender its nuclear weapons in exchange for Russian and western acknowledgment that the sovereignty of the country would not be compromised.


Fitzpatrick stated that nobody could have even considered invading Ukraine if it had all the nuclear weapons, which would have made it the third-largest carrier of nuclear weapons.

According to him, Ukraine gave up its weapons after getting the commitment from the western world, Russia, and the UK, and that commitment is now being disrespected.

So, Fitzpatrick continued, no future anti-proliferation agreement will have weight if the United States does not respect its own part of the Ukrainian agreement.


Likewise, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming expressed her concerns about restarting the Iran nuclear deal. Speaking to Fox News Radio’s “The Guy Benson Show,” she noted this is an “exceedingly dangerous” step from the Biden administration.


Rep. Pat Fallon from Texas claimed if the Biden administration restarts the deal with Iran, it would let the world’s largest exporter of terrorism get a nuclear weapon.

Biden must bring any new deal before Congress

These comments came after the recent bombshells, which depicted the United States is all set to revamp the Iran nuclear deal after going through intense rounds of negotiations that started last year.


As the incumbent administration is trying to reinstate the deal unilaterally, Republican lawmakers believe the government should consult with them before making such a critical decision.

Thus, they claim the Biden administration should bring the new agreement before Congress.


The Iran nuclear deal, which was originally passed in 2015 with bipartisan support, requires administrations must submit any new deal to Congress within five days after being reached so a consensual decision can be made.

Last month, 33 GOP senators vowed they would burn the midnight oil if the Biden administration does not get the Senate approval for the new deal.