Congressional Democrats Push for Student Loan Debt Cancellation

"DC Biden inauguration" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Blinkofanaye

Democrats’ current control of Congress and the White House has them eager to pass as many left-wing policies as possible. Thus far, leftist lawmakers already introduced legislation to increase the federal minimum wage, turn Washington D.C. into a 51st state, etc.

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This is just the start of what Democrats would like to do with majority control of the federal government. Another push has already begun for the total cancellation of student loan debt; Breitbart News reports that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is urging the current president and vice president to “cancel” student loan debt.

The Reality of Student Loan Debt Cancellation

When leftists call for student loan debt to be erased or cancelled, they never mention that it doesn’t work this way.

In actuality, Democrats’ talk of student loan debt cancellation simply means that the debts will be redistributed. This redistribution in turn leads to people who never agreed to student loans being on the hook for paying for them; typically, Americans witness this in the form of higher taxes.

On Friday afternoon, Schumer tweeted out that Biden and Harris ought to cancel student debt. The Senate Majority Leader did not provide a plan for this that won’t raise taxes on Americans. At some point, Americans should expect congressional Democrats to introduce some form of legislation that would redistribute student loan debt in the form of higher taxes.

Free Handouts

What Democrats in Congress ultimately want is a situation where the government pays for (and hence controls) everything. It’s why they talk of free college and are even further to the left of Biden regarding student loan debt cancellation.

The 46th president has previously proposed cancelling $10,000 of loan debt per student; however, Democrats claim this doesn’t go far enough. Instead, Democrats seek the cancellation of all student loan debt; they also believe that college should be readily available free of charge, even for those who already agreed to pay the charges.

Republicans have long warned that there’s no such thing as a free handout in life. Ultimately, the U.S. taxpayers are always the ones who foot the bill for the free handouts Democrats seek to pass.

What do you think about congressional Democrats pushing for the total cancellation of student loan debt? Do you think Democrats in Washington will introduce legislation regarding this matter? Let us know in the comments section below.