Conservatives Slammed Democrats for Attacking Thanksgiving

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, scolded MSNBC after it claimed the Thanksgiving holiday is a symbol of “genocide and violence.” A segment of MSNBC mentioned “white supremacists” have changed the meaning of the holiday over time.

Conservatives lambasted woke media for criticizing Thanksgiving

Gyasi Ross, a native American author, recently published an essay claiming the Thanksgiving story is different from what people believe. He said the common perception about Thanksgiving is white settlers brought love and good faith to America.

Contrary to this, Ross said settlers did not come to America with noble ambitions. Instead, they brought “genocide and violence” to the land. He added incoming settlers were broke, so they had nothing with them. Therefore, all they wanted was to strip Indigenous people from their lands.

Likewise, he advised white Americans to return the land and the money which settlers snatched from Indigenous people (if they wanted everyone to be thankful). 

The essay came into the limelight immediately, primarily because of Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict, which also sparked the debates of white supremacy and race in the United States.

However, Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted the channel, saying MSNBC currently spewed countless lies and is perpetuating anti-American hatred.

Buck Sexton, a conservative journalist, called it a move by Democrats to promote the woke culture in the United States. He noted that introducing a counter-narrative to Thanksgiving is the Democrats’ way of deteriorating the greatest country that was ever created in the world.

Likewise, Sexton asserted by Democrats spitting on the traditional events like Thanksgiving, the party is showing its true beliefs. Sexton said Democrats will be rewarded by losing the upcoming year’s midterm elections.

Gyasi Ross was not the only one who attacked the traditional American values of Thanksgiving this time. A variety of far-left media outlets, ranging from the New York Times to USA Today, tried to make a counter-narrative against Thanksgiving traditions in recent days.

Americans will not discuss politics at the dinner table this Thanksgiving

Meanwhile, the latest Quinnipiac University poll found out 66 percent of Americans would try not to indulge in a political debate at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

According to the survey, almost 21 percent of Americans are ready for a political discussion at their dinner table. They are also ready for an event widely recognized to leave all differences aside.

Among those who decided not to talk politics this year around their feast tables are 66 percent of Democrats and even 68 percent of Republicans. 

However, when people were asked about heated political conversations around the table, almost 74 percent ruled out the possibility. Meanwhile, only 24 percent said heated political conversations at the Thanksgiving dinner table are likely to happen.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday, America.