Controversial Seattle Appointment Ignites Resignation Demand

A Seattle official, Shanéé Colston, is in hot water, refusing to resign despite a video surfacing online of her silencing a disabled veteran.

The veteran was objecting to the nomination of a convicted pedophile, Thomas Whitaker, to a government homelessness agency’s board.

Agency’s Statement on Colston’s Controversial Behavior Goes Viral

Peter Lynn, from the King County Regional Homelessness Authority, demanded Colston’s resignation in an email.

He objected to her treatment of committee member Kristina Sawyckyj, who pointed out Whitaker’s status as a registered sex offender. Colston also lashed out at Sawyckyj for sharing her personal experience with Whitaker’s inappropriate behavior.

As the video went viral, the agency shared a statement on social media, expressing concern about Whitaker’s nomination and criticizing Colston’s behavior.

They asked Colston to resign in light of her actions. However, she has refused, as confirmed by an agency spokesperson to KOMO News.

Zoom Meeting Sparks Controversy Over Board Nominations

The controversy started during a Zoom meeting on May 3, discussing board nominations. When Sawyckyj opposed Whitaker’s nomination, Colston strongly defended him.

Court records show Whitaker, also known as Raven Crowfoot, was convicted in 2010 for sexual involvement with a minor and has a troubling history of sexual offenses.

Despite this, Whitaker was hailed as a “lived expert” on the agency’s website, due to his homelessness experiences and was nominated to serve diverse communities on the board.

Sawyckyj, a wheelchair-bound former Marine, revealed Whitaker previously touched her inappropriately and strongly opposed his nomination.

However, Colston dismissed Sawyckyj’s objections, stating it was against board rules to ‘out’ a sex offender and threatened to mute anyone else raising the issue.

Kristina Sawyckyj, a board member and a former Marine who courageously navigates life from a wheelchair following a brutal rape while in service, voiced vehement objections to Whitaker’s appointment.

Despite the vehement opposition, Whitaker’s nomination found favor with the board.