Corporate and Progressive Wings of the Democrat Party Now at Odds

"Bernie Sanders 2016" (CC BY 2.0) by photogism

The Democrat Party has some serious problems ahead of them. With slim majorities in Congress, Democrats proved that the way they handle power is by seeking more of it.

This is why leftist legislators introduced a bill last month to pack the Supreme Court; it’s also why the Democrat Party wants D.C. statehood and to give the federal government the final say-so in elections run by states. 

“Bernie Sanders 2016” (CC BY 2.0) by photogism

In Congress currently, there is a very small minority of Democrats pushing back against the far-left agenda of their party. Sen. Joe Manchin, for instance, has made clear that he will not support ending the Senate filibuster; moreover, Manchin is against Biden’s push to extend the corporate tax rate to 28%. 

Over the weekend, an interview by Sen. Bernie Sanders showed that the corporate and progressive wings of the Democrat Party are now at odds with one another, per Breitbart News

Bickering on the Left Side of the Political Spectrum 

During a Sunday interview with Axios On HBO, Sanders sounded the alarm against giant corporations having massive influence over the Democrat Party via financial donations.

According to the self-proclaimed socialist, it is not “sustainable” for Democrats to become the party of college-educated folks. Throughout this interview, Sanders made a point of noting that the working class is the group Democrats need to prioritize and focus on. 

Sanders additionally made clear that Democrats must be a “progressive” party; however, what Sanders and other far leftists view as “progressive” is deeply radical to many Americans, not just Republicans and conservatives, but also some moderate Democrats. In fact, recent polling of certain U.S. districts in the 2022 midterms shows Democrats struggling in crucial areas with swing voters. 

Inconsistent Messaging from the Political Left

There’s a lot of irony to the interview Sanders gave over the weekend. Democrats who call themselves “progressives” frequently allege that their policies are designed to help the working class and build people up. 

However, so-called progressive policies have the worst impacts on the very demographics leftists profess to be the champions of. Working people are hurt when the minimum wage goes up because employers then raise prices and lay off staffers; likewise, raising the corporate tax rate will hurt working people by shipping their jobs to foreign nations. 

The messaging and talking points from Democrats fail to align with the real-world truths regarding their policies.

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