Council Removes Banksy’s Fridge-Freezer From New Artwork

An announcement from a council in Kent confirmed the freezer removed from Banksy’s most recent artwork will be returned to its location, once it has been “made safe.”

The public expressed concern after officials took the freezer away from the Valentine’s Day-themed mural, which focuses on the issue of domestic abuse.

Banksy’s New Artwork Highlighted Violence Against Women

On February 13th, new artwork appeared on the side of a building in Margate, titled “Valentine’s Day mascara.”

The piece, which features a woman in a blue pinny and yellow washing-up gloves with a swollen eye and broken tooth, was confirmed as an original Banksy by the artist on Instagram yesterday.

The recently confirmed Banksy artwork, titled “Valentine’s Day mascara,” showcases a woman with a swollen eye and a broken tooth, dressed in blue pinny and yellow washing-up gloves.

She appears to have just pushed her partner, depicted by his feet, into a chest freezer.

Alongside the painting, the artist has also included several objects, including a broken garden chair, a blue crate, a smashed beer bottle, and a cooking pot.

After Banksy confirmed the mural in Margate as his work, contractors working for Thanet Council removed the artwork and various objects, including a freezer. This move sparked outrage among local residents and visitors.

However, a council spokesperson has since confirmed the freezer will be returned to the artwork after being made safe. The spokesperson stated the council is aware of the artist’s confirmation and will ensure the mural is preserved.

Council Removes Banksy Artwork’s Fridge-Freezer

According to a spokesperson from Thanet Council, the mural painted by Banksy on the wall of a privately-owned property in Margate was accompanied by a fridge freezer.

It has been removed from public land for safety reasons by council contractors. The council also stated they will be contacting the property owner to discuss preserving the artwork for the benefit of the community.

On Tuesday, officials from the council took down a section of Banksy’s latest mural, only hours after it was revealed by the artist.

The painting appeared on the rear of a building near Grosvenor Place in Margate, Kent, and attracted quite a large number of Banksy fans to the town.

However, shortly afterward, contractors arrived and removed the fridge-freezer for health and safety reasons.

Since the removal, members of the public have been taking amusing photographs with the remaining painting, replacing the freezer with items such as a wheelie bin and even a car.

According to North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale, the decision by the council to remove the Banksy artwork was excessive. Therefore, he hopes that it can be preserved and displayed securely, enabling as many people as possible to see it.