County Paid Big Money to Suspected Shooter

A shocking report revealed a suspect in the Sacramento mass shooting was paid $7,000 by the county, just weeks before the shooting episode.

A County Paid $7,000 to Suspected Mass Shooter

The spokesperson of the county defended the administrative decision of pushing money into the suspect’s pocket.

According to him, the decision was purely economic. The trial date was approaching, and without any financial support to the suspect, the trial would have been delayed for many months.

So, the county paid this price immediately to not allow the cost to multiply, the spokesperson added.

Smiley Martin, the suspect, already had a criminal history when he was paid by the county. His criminal record dates back to 2013; he was sentenced to ten years in prison in 2018 over a domestic violence case.

Reportedly, he whipped his girlfriend with belts after dragging her out of her house by pulling her hair.

According to CBS Sacramento, the suspect accused a guard of the Sacramento jail of assisting gang members in attacking him.

In a lawsuit, the suspect noted aggressors threw hot water on him, which caused second-degree burns on his skin and eventually left him in a predicament.

Likewise, Martin asserted even though he made his grievances public, the jail guard threatened him, and he was denied access to hospitals, despite having severe injuries.

Eventually, the county ended up paying $7,000 to the suspect to settle the case.

Sacramento Shooter Faced Domestic Violence Case 

Mark Reichel, a Sacramento attorney, claimed laws are designed in such a way that it is really hard to sue someone.

Reichel stated irrespective of how dangerous a person is, it is not allowed for correctional officers to violate the rights of the suspect, which gives undue advantage to them.

Smiley Martin has been arrested once again for a mass shooting that killed six people and injured 12 others. His brother, Dandare Martin, is also among the arrested people in relation to the shooting.

This is one of the incidents which emboldened Biden to tout his anti-gun narrative. Earlier this week, Biden announced a crackdown on ghost guns, which is likely to curtail Americans’ freedom under the Second Amendment.

Sacramento police have already indicated that weak sentencing laws are the primary reasons for increased shootings in America.

These claims of the police are now backed by evidence, which suggests that the suspect was released, even though the parole board rejected his plea last year. 

Prosecutors claimed that his aggression against his girlfriend and possession of assault weapons made him ineligible to roam freely in the community.

However, as he was released prematurely and was aided financially by the county, he ended up involved in a mass shooting just a few weeks after his release.