Course Corrected: Woke Businesses Surrendering

The sanctions of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis against Disney for meddling in the internal affairs of the government are paying off big time.

Now, many big businesses are reluctant to take sides in the Roe v. Wade case to avoid facing the wrath of governments.

Corporations Not Taking Sides on Abortion Issue

In 2019, Georgia restricted abortion and made it illegal after the heartbeat detection of the child in the womb of the mother.

Back then, many big businesses including Amazon and Coca-Cola spoke against this measure of the government. In a letter to the GOP governor, both of these entities stated these laws can take the state “in the wrong direction.” 

Since then, most corporations prefer taking sides on controversial issues. However, this time around, high-profile businesses are changing their behaviors as they are not taking any stance on Roe v. Wade case.

One of America’s top Public Relations firms, Zeno, which handles companies like Coca-Cola, AT&T, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks, is advising its clients not to jump into the prevailing chaos if they want to save their reputations.

According to an internal email of Zeno, abortion is a sensitive issue and both of the stances, in this case, are being represented by a significant amount of people.

So, if companies want to indulge in the issue, they could end up losing at least 15 to 30 percent of their stakeholders.

No company should think all of its customers share its views on critical issues like abortion, the email added.

As per the PR firm, the media will try its best to encourage businesses to make remarks on the prevailing issue of abortion. However, no business should succumb to any media pressure.

Thus companies should try to ignore the questions of media representatives to avoid any trouble.

Florida Deterrence Paying Off: Woke Companies Under Control

Many businesses have started becoming woke these days, which means they are likely to side with the liberal narrative of allowing abortion.

However, these businesses have been facing backlash from Republican lawmakers who often censured companies for putting their weight behind liberal narratives.

In the latest tussle, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rolled back the special status of Disney, thus disabling the entertainment giant from enjoying exclusive perks.

There is a lesson for big businesses in the Disney saga, as the company itself refused to take sides initially. However, Disney’s liberal stakeholders pushed it to speak against the government, which was an invitation to trouble.

Not only this, but Disney has also been scrutinized badly by conservative media, while many parents are boycotting it for its opposition to a parental rights bill.

Furthermore, Disney has also seen a historic plunge of 19% in its stocks since March.

This depicts that taking sides on abortion can also prove to be a costly business decision for companies.