Crew Member of a Famous TV Show Fatally Shot Down at Set

A staff member of the TV show “Law & Order: Organized Crime” was shot dead on a TV set in New York City while saving space for parking. 

Reportedly, the residents were fed up with crew members of different TV shows who used to occupy a lot of parking spaces in their area.

Crew Member Killed on a TV Set

Johnny Pizarro, 31, was saving a parking space in Greenpoint, New York, early morning on Tuesday. This is when an unknown man opened the door of his car, shot him multiple times, and fled the scene on foot.

Calling the whole incident “crazy,” an anonymous colleague of Pizarro noted he did not hear any argument before the killing. The colleague added he just heard a pop in the early morning before knowing Pizarro had been killed.

Meanwhile, local residents thought the whole event was staged for cameras and the shooting was fake.

According to a local, Janus Czuj, he was shocked to see real police officers sealing the area after reaching the crime scene, as he believed all of this was intentionally done for the show.

The motive of the murder is still unknown; police said they are investigating the murder for different motives, including a parking dispute.

Continuous Film Shootings Left Locals Enraged

Reportedly, the locals were fed up due to regular film shoots in their area, which could be the motive for the killing.

A flier placed on a lamp pole in the same street asked directors not to do film shootings near McGolrick Park.

It also asked residents to complain about continuous film shootings to their lawmakers. Similarly, the flier told residents these shootings in the area are “displacing your family.”

The controversial flier, which could be the agitator for the murderer, also stated a “WEEKLY film shoot” happens in the area near McGolrick Park, which is displacing numerous families.

Likewise, more than 600 parking spots were removed in the area recently for constructing a new bike lane, which no one uses, as per the flier.

Joe Pedicino, a local resident, claimed many TV shows, including a sex-trafficking tale “Blue Bloods” and a crime series “FBI,” were also shot in the area.

He further noted the residents are “getting killed” with these film shoots. 

Podicino claimed many neighbors are “pissed off,” as film crew members take all the parking space, leaving the locals stranded on their own street.

However, some locals believed drug addiction, and not the parking dispute, could be the reason for the murder.

According to one local, Gabrielle Van den Berg, who heard multiple gunshots, there are numerous drug addicts roaming the street all the time.

As per the police sources, the victim had a previous police record, but he remained out of trouble over the last seven years. He was previously arrested in a marijuana-related case and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).