Critics Outraged Over UN’s Minor Consent Report

A troubling report, endorsed by the United Nations and authored by international legal authorities, seemingly paves the way for normalizing intimate relations with minors.

Controversial Report Suggests Children Can Decide on Sexual Matters

In March, the International Commission of Jurists (headquartered in Geneva and supported by UNAIDS and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) stated the following:

“While prohibited by law, intimate encounters involving persons younger than the locally determined minimum age for consensual relations might, in fact, be consensual.”

Featured prominently on the organization’s website, the report does not explicitly advocate for decriminalizing intimate relations between adults and minors. However, it posits that children possess both the ability and legal entitlement to make decisions about sexual matters.

Social media influencer Ian Miles Cheong, who has a following of 538,000, tweeted during the weekend, “The United Nations implies children can consent to intimacy with adults. This has always been their hidden agenda.”

The report refrains from proposing a specific age for sexual consent.

Launched on March 8 to coincide with International Women’s Day, the commission’s online statement implies a link between women’s rights and the age of sexual consent.

The seemingly unfathomable recommendations from a group of elite international legal experts have led to suggestions that pedophilia could potentially be normalized.

UN Report Reignites Debate on Age of Consent Laws

These proposals ignited a wave of shock and outrage across social media worldwide.

Canadian Olympic gold medalist and former NHL star Theo Fleury vehemently expressed his dismay on Twitter, exclaiming, that the organization is full of pedophiles.

Michelle Uriarau, an advocate for women’s rights hailing from Melbourne, Australia, denounced the report, posting on Twitter:

“This abhorrent UN report seeks to decriminalize intimate encounters, even when involving children and minors. Utterly wicked.”

Uriarau highlights that the report’s release on International Women’s Day effectively “gaslights women globally.”

The International Commission of Jurists further stated in their report:

“In light of this, the application of criminal law should take into account the rights and abilities of individuals under 18 to make informed decisions about consensual sexual activities, as well as their entitlement to be heard in matters that affect them.”