DC Mayor Partied Maskless Hours Before Mask Mandate Took Effect

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C., hosted a huge gathering to celebrate her birthday hours before her mask mandate went into effect, stirring criticism online. Pictures of D.C. Mayor Bowser celebrating with a group of people were circulated online as all of them were maskless.

Images of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, celebrating maskless were circulated online as she celebrated her birthday house before her mandate took effect

Jeffrey Mercer published an image on Friday night posing with Bowser. The caption of the image states that he was asked to DJ for the birthday celebration of the mayor and greeting her a happy birthday. 

The image posted by Mercer were accompanied by pictures of Bowser and others who were at the party. The party hosted by the D.C. mayor was an advance celebration of her birthday which is on Monday. 

On Thursday, Bowser announced a mask mandate in the city, stating that residents are obliged to wear masks in public places starting 5 a.m. on Saturday. 

Bowser’s office did not respond to request for messagess about the photos that were circulated online or whether the mandate was implemented on Saturday so that she could party and celebrate her birthday in advance on Friday. In her press release on Friday, Bowser also promoted a show where Chapelle, a Washington D.C. native, would have an appearance. 

Bowser stated that Washington D.C. is open and is proud to welcome Chapelle. The D.C. mayor added that residents of Washington have been waiting for months to enjoy in-person shows like the one she’ll be hosting. She added that what makes it sweeter is how they can reopen venues to host the performance of the beloved D.C. comedian, Dave Chappelle.

On the other hand, the Twitter account of Bowser posted messages asking people to wear masks and stay together. She was also directing citizens to get vaccinated and get tested. 

This is not the first time that Bowser broke her own COVID restrictions

Back in November, Bowser was also criticized for breaking her own COVID restrictions when she attended Biden’s victory speech in Delaware, which was at that time, considered a “high risk” state for COVID-19. Bowser’s staff called the trip “essential” as they tried to defend the mayor. 

Meanwhile, Biden announced that in all possibility, his administration would impose more stringent COVID restrictions soon as COVID cases are on the rise again. However, when the president was asked what more stringent restrictions mean, he did not explain any further. 

Director Rochelle Walensky of the CDC also mentioned last Friday that the administration is looking at imposing a COVID vaccine mandate. She emphasized that there are other vaccines for infectious diseases before like polio, measles, and others that are now required from the public.