Democrat Maxine Waters Slammed for “Get More Confrontational” Remarks to Protesters

"Maxine Waters" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The rhetoric of elected political officials matters, especially when these individuals are looked up to and revered by certain parts of the country. Right now, many Democrat leaders are using their platforms to push for dangerous measures, such as packing the Supreme Court and abolishing law enforcement. 

During this month alone, multiple riots have gripped Democrat-run inner cities. Police officers attempting to stop these riots are coming to physical blows with demonstrators; in some of the worst-case scenarios, law enforcement officers are even having toxic, dangerous objects hurled at them. 

“Graffiti on a boarded up business after” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lorie Shaull

In the midst of all this chaos and unrest, Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters decided to stir the pot. Waters, on Saturday, told Minnesota leftists that if former police officer Derek Chauvin isn’t found guilty in his trial, demonstrators must “get more confrontational” and even remain on the streets. 

Republicans have since slammed the Democrat representative for this clear incitement of violence. GOP congressmembers are also calling and pushing for punitive action to be taken against Waters, as Fox News reports. 

Consequences for Maxine Waters’ Incitement of Violence

After Minnesota protesters spent night after night destroying property, breaking into businesses, etc., the last thing anyone should be doing is calling for higher levels of confrontation. However, this is what Waters chose to do. 

Needless to say, Republicans are not happy. Yesterday, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Waters, stating that Democrats purposefully seek to inflame tensions against Republicans. Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said on Sunday that she plans to introduce a resolution for Waters to face congressional expulsion.

A Stern Warning from Leader Kevin McCarthy

While many Republican lawmakers have condemned Waters’ incitement of violence, the strongest words and promise came from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The GOP leader directly called out Rep. Waters for inciting violence in a city that has already seen far too much of it.

McCarthy then called upon House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “act against” Waters’ rhetoric. Finally, the California Republican vowed that if Pelosi fails to do this, he will “bring action” accordingly. 

Waters, since the fallout, has not apologized or attempted to walk back her rhetoric. Ultimately, this week will determine how Democrat and Republican congressional leaders respond to the incitement from Waters. 

Do you think Rep. Maxine Waters is responsible for the incitement of violence in Minnesota? Should congressional leaders take action against the Democrat congresswoman? Let us know below in the comments section.