Democrat-Run City Surpassed 400 Homicides This Year Alone


A city council member in Philadelphia is calling for more police funding and police officers, as the number of homicides exceeded 400 cases this year alone. 

The situation is increasingly getting “out of control”

Cindy Bass, a representative of the 8th District of Philadelphia, claimed the situation is currently going “out of control.” She said the government should stop the shedding of blood and have police officers on the ground.

The representative likewise added that the state of Pennsylvania needs to get more resources and funds than what they are currently spending right now. 

Over the weekend, there were 10 people wounded and at least four people were killed in the city of Philadelphia. Larry Krasner, the district attorney of the city, is expected to give a statement in relation to the sad news that transpired.

On the other hand, Mayor Jim Kenney, who has served since the year 2016, announced on Sunday his plans to provide additional benefits to grassroots organizations. The money will be taken from the fund which was reserved to prevent and reduce violence.

The district attorney of Philadelphia likewise noted in a statement on Sunday that they are going to “restructure” institutions to make violence prevention their “true priority.”

Philadelphia mayor: “Outraged” and “heartbroken” on how the city lost 400 lives

Philadelphian Mayor Jim Kenney also added he is outraged and, at the same time, heartbroken that the city lost over 400 residents resulting from “preventable violence.”

The mayor then pledged they will proceed to act with urgency in order to save lives and reduce the violence in the city. 

The mayor also added that the police force in Philadelphia is making arrests and have recorded a record number of illegal firearms seized. However, Kenney claimed the government needs the help of the public. 

Kenney also urged people to report any information they have in relation to a crime in order to prevent “senseless” and “preventable” homicides that are tearing the community apart. 

The mayor continued, stating he is well aware at how the people of Philadephia are rightfully frustrated and outraged over the rise of violence in the city.

He stated that he wants to let the public know they are taking this matter very seriously; moreover, they are committed to working with community partners and the criminal justice system in order to build a safer city for everyone. 

Danielle Outlaw, Commissioner of Philadelphia Police, also issued a statement. The statement declared how devastated she was with the rising rate of homicide in the city this year.

Outlaw noted how it exceeded over 400 cases. She added that this number reflects hundreds of people murdered, who had their lives taken away from their families and friends, leaving them traumatized and communities torn apart.