Democrats Prepared to Hijack the Senate in 2022

Senate Democrats are about to launch an all-out assault against the filibuster in 2022 to try and pass election bills that Republicans killed in an equally divided Senate.

However, convincing two moderate Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to get behind this will be a herculean task for Democrats, as shown by trends.

Democrats to kill the filibuster if Republicans stop elections bill

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, wrote a letter to his fellow Democrat senators in his bid to push them to remove the filibuster.

The senator mentioned in the letter that voting is the most important aspect of any democracy; Schumer currently says Republicans are passing election bills in their respective states with a simple majority vote.

However, he added, Democrats are unable to implement election legislation at the federal level, due to the filibuster present in the US Senate. Likewise, Schumer believed Americans want to see which senator is hiding behind absurd rules of the filibuster.

This way, everyone will be given a chance to debate in the Senate on the issue before casting their ballot in front of Americans.

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats had a virtual meeting to discuss the social spending bill. In the end, Schumer informed senators the chamber would vote on the measure if the GOP tries to stop Democrats’ election bill next year.

The filibuster is the legislative practice that demands at least 60 senators must vote for a bill to pass it through the Senate.

Schumers’ only option against the filibuster can bite the dust

Many Democrat lawmakers voiced their concerns regarding the practice in the past, as well. While usually the supermajority is required to change Senate rules, this option is not viable for Democrats because they would need at least 10 Republican senators.

However, Schumer can use the “nuclear option,” according to which he can overturn the filibuster by a simple majority of 51 votes.

Still, Democrats need the votes of all of their 50 senators and a tie-breaker, Kamala Harris. Yet, the two moderate senators are not letting them do that.

Even if Schumer wants to abolish it using his nuclear option, experts believe none of the moderates would let it happen, which would ultimately put Schumer back to square one.

While Schumer’s latest verbal assault against the filibuster did not mention the exact pathway to remove the filibuster, pundits believe Schumer will pressure the two moderate senators to abolish the system for bills on which Manchin and Sinema side with Democrats.


Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned against getting rid of the Senate filibuster.

McConnell has likewise indicated that eliminating the Senate filibuster would make the Senate “scorched-earth,” which will ultimately destroy the entire culture of debate in the chamber.