Democrats are Busy Fighting Over the Infrastructure Bill

As the US government reaches the upper borrowing limit of $28 trillion, the government can no longer borrow any money until Congress increases or suspends the debt limit. However, Democrats are unable to make a breakthrough in raising the debt limit, putting Biden’s economic agenda at risk.

Bernie Sanders Urging House Progressives to Reject Infrastructure Bill if it Comes Alone

The US House is all set to vote for a bipartisan infrastructure bill on Thursday. However, the Biden administration is worried, as the progressive faction of Democrats explicitly indicated they won’t vote in favor of the infrastructure bill if it doesn’t come with bigger social spending legislation worth $3.5 trillion. 

On the other hand, moderates have contradictory interests, as they want to vote for the infrastructure bill alone. They believe once the bipartisan infrastructure bill passes, they will move towards bigger social spending legislation afterward.

Bernie Sanders, an independent senator, has urged House Democrats not to vote for the infrastructure bill alone. Sanders belongs to the Senate’s progressive caucus and therefore insisted on passing the social spending bill first.

While Sanders is leading progressives from the upper chamber of Congress, Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema have declined to pass the social spending bill in its present form; this further intensifies the intra-Democrat fight.

Nancy Pelosi’s Hypocrisy Exposed Democrats to Vulnerability

Currently, Democrats are narrowly controlling the House, so they do not have many options available to them. 19 Republican lawmakers voted in favor of this bipartisan bill to get it passed from the Senate.

However, not many Republicans are likely to vote in favor of this bill in the House on Thursday; the reports suggest that House and Senate Republican leadership have intensified their efforts to keep GOP lawmakers away from this bill.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the president likewise tried to trick their progressive caucus, which is making the matter worse for Democrats. For a long time, Pelosi pledged to progressives she would bring both the infrastructure and the social spending bills together for a vote.

However, now Pelosi announced that for the time being, she is only bringing the infrastructure legislation. This hypocrisy from the top leadership of Democrats is trickling down to shatter the bases of the party.

As progressives feel backstabbed, they are lashing out at Pelosi. For instance, many House Democrats, including AOC and Pramila Jayapal, have promised to say no to the infrastructure bill if it comes alone.

An anonymous moderate House Democrat was also wondering why Biden is not urging the Democrat Party to push for the infrastructure bill he was boasting about last month.

Overall, there are two big forces shaping the infrastructure bill. First, the margin between the Democrats and Republicans is too small to make this legislative act passed smoothly. Secondly, both of the measures the Democrat Party is trying to push for are too crucial to fail.