Democrats Are Creating a Divide With Identity Politics

As Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is getting questioned in front of the Senate, her nomination has once again come into the spotlight.

Critics are blaming Democrats for pursuing diverse politics for the sake of politicking.

Democrats Pursuing Color Politics for Winning Votes

According to the Washington Times, Biden’s bid to rely on diversity and race is creating a divide in America. Currently, Biden is showing this political tactic in the judiciary, education, election laws, child care, and policing sectors.

Experts even believe Democrats are testing before the midterm elections whether or not these sources of political activities could help them win public offices by winning the minority votes.

Calling it a “new American majority coalition,” famous author Steve Phillips noted Democrats are playing smart by relying on voters of color.

Thus, Phillips stated Democrats are doing this to increase voter turnout among the black population in the upcoming election cycles.


Currently, Jackson is getting questioned in front of the Senate. So, Phillips claimed this is the right time for Democrats to mobilize black voters and to win their support as soon as possible.

Thus, he noted winning white swing voters, instead of black people, is the faulty approach in modern-day elections.

Phillips claimed the nomination of Jackson was the ideal situation for the progressive faction of the party without offending any other faction.

This is due to the fact moderates are more interested in the economic policies of the administration, instead of a mere judicial nominee.

Color Politics is a Violation of the American Constitution

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, initiated Jackson’s hearing on Monday.

During this time, he reinforced the inclusion of black women minorities in the judicial discourse. According to him, in the 230 years of history of the American Supreme Court, no black woman has ever been elected.

Other Democratic senators also touted the efforts of the Biden administration in realizing the so-called true American dream.

They claim the involvement of racially diverse people in the decision-making process is the only way out of the crisis.

The same Democrats who have been crying foul about white supremacy are adopting a racial perspective on issues of national interest.

This violates the essence of the American Constitution, as well. Meanwhile, treating people based on their color, caste, and creed is banned to the maximum possible extent.

However, Biden made a promise in his campaign that he would nominate a black woman judge to the top court.

Over time, Republicans have accused Democrats of propagating racism in the country by ignoring the talent and qualifications of many apt judges.

They did not consider the whole white race during the nomination process, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of the justices.