Democrats Concealing the True Social Spending Bill Cost

Democrats accused Republicans of hiding the original cost of Trump’s tax cuts back in 2017. However, Democrats are doing this right now by hiding the real cost of the social spending bill that could possibly cost a whopping $4 trillion dollars. 

Democrats lying about the original cost of the social spending bill

Republicans were trying to help people save their hard-earned money and assist businesses in implementing sustainable models by giving them $1.5 trillion tax cuts. Democrats, on the other hand, were claiming the original cost of the proposal was much higher than what Republicans envisioned.

However, Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat senator from West Virginia, made some shocking claims against his party.

Manchin stated the Biden administration is attempting to play “shell games” and “budget gimmicks” by using the artificial tag of $1.85 trillion on the social spending legislation.

Manchin also added the actual amount of this legislation is expected to be double what Democrats believe. The moderate Democrat senator then called Biden’s “social spending bill” a recipe for economic crisis in the United States.

Later, Manchin provided a warning, saying he will not support any legislation that could result in adverse and harmful effects on the U.S. economy.

On the other hand, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi previously voiced out she is “very disappointed” Democrats will not be going for the original $3.5 trillion budget.

However, despite going for the lower cost, budget experts and moderate senators are voicing their concerns that behind the scenes, the real price of the bill could be around $4 trillion. 

For instance, many provisions present in Biden’s agenda will expire soon after they are enacted. Yet, the Biden administration believes those programs will ultimately be extended.

Democrats are relying on falsified assumptions just to win people’s support

A faulty assumption (while thinking of passing the spending bill) is that the spending via many programs will ultimately be stopped after a few years, while the benefits of those programs will continue to come.

As the bill is being passed with the budgetary reconciliation process, the lawmakers have limited room to change the basic structure of the bill after its passing. 

Many lawmakers have demanded a “score” of the final cost by the nonpartisan congressional committee before voting for the bill. As this score will come soon, it can give Democrats’ narrative a severe blow by putting the original billing cost at a much higher price. 

However, Pelosi acknowledged the possibility some programs would be removed from the final bill. The House Speaker stated Democrats are looking at a couple trillion dollars to be omitted from the bill.

Nevertheless, it is less likely to happen; therefore, Democrats are not looking at decreasing the years of implementation or anything else along those lines.