Democrats Killing Politics of Participation

Mitch McConnell and other GOP lawmakers are dismayed over Democrats’ solo-flight for passing Biden’s economic agenda. This comes as the Biden administration continues ignoring the second major party in legislative decisions.

Biden intentionally violating democratic principles of participation in U.S. politics

When some media reporters showed up to know Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s views about the recent developments in Congress, McConnell said he was shocked the media approached him this time.

That’s because only Democrat lawmakers are being chased by the media for the latest developments these days. Biden is not even engaging with the moderate Republicans, including Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski said it is really odd for her to see the president is not listening to those voices from the GOP. These are lawmakers open to ideas from both parties who worked with Biden in finalizing the infrastructure bill.

Likewise, Senator John Cornyn noted Democrats are on a mission to satisfy their political base and bring Americans to the far-left ideology. He further noted no one likes to be sidelined from the policy-making process; Democrats are doing this to Republicans intentionally.

GOP lawmakers schooled Biden for destroying U.S. economic infrastructure

As Republican lawmakers were left out from the dialogue, they put their attention into exposing the “draconian agenda” of Democrats that will change the way the U.S. economy works.

McConnell labeled the child tax credit plan of Democrats as a “new monthly welfare deposit.” Likewise, he added Democrats rushed to include the radical and socialist climate agenda in their bill.

This way, Biden could brag about it during his visit to Scotland, where the global leaders are gathering for the climate summit. The Senate Minority Leader said Biden has given “pain to Americans” to receive appreciation in the COP26 meeting in Glasgow.

John Thune, a Republican senator from South Dakota, stated this sort of radical social spending spree has never been implemented in the history of the United States. He added that taxing people on the income which they have yet to earn is an unprecedented move from the incumbent administration.

One of the biggest legislative negotiations is underway in Capitol Hill, where Biden is pushing scattered Democrats to vote for his economic agenda without seeking any help from Republicans.

However, Democrats’ infighting is not letting the president pass any bill. This is not the first time Democrats are walking this authoritative route, as they also pursued a solo approach in passing the Affordable Care Act back during the first tenure of President Obama.

Democrats are eyeing to pass the social spending bill with the budget reconciliation process; this saves the legislation from a Senate filibuster, hence sidelining the Republicans altogether.

This autocratic approach of Biden is creating a partisan divide in the country. It’s also setting a precedent for the upcoming governments which can also ignore the opposition voices in Congress.