Democrats Pushing the “Build Back Broke Agenda”

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Marsha Blackburn accused the Biden administration of wasting taxpayers’ money, only to fund the $3.5 trillion social spending bill and institutionalize socialism through far-left policies.

Biden Eyeing to Tax Americans Heavily through His Socialist Vision

Speaking to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Sen. Blackburn renamed Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better agenda” as the “Build Back Broke agenda.” She claimed Democrats are taking over the country as they are striving to institutionalize socialism in the United States.

Likewise, the senator stated the government is planning to control families and healthcare and be a part of bank transactions over $600 by imposing taxes. According to her, Democrats are looking to tax every single financial activity on Venmo and PayPal.

The Tennessee senator evinced that by closing churches and demoralizing the American military, Democrats are seeking to destroy people’s faith in the system.

Time and time again, Democrat top leadership has vowed to include more people in the tax net by imposing various sorts of taxes on businesses. It was one of the core policy agendas of Biden’s presidential campaign, as well when he vowed to increase taxes on anyone making $400,000 or above yearly.

The social spending bill is the product of the same ideology, where Democrats want to promote socialism by robbing businesses of their hard-earned money. This agenda will supposedly harm small business interests, hence encouraging business regimes to move investment in countries like China.

Credit to Stop Socialism Goes to Sensible Democrat Senators

Meanwhile, Sen. Grassley of Iowa (who is also one of the members of the Senate Budget and Finance Committee) lauded the efforts of wise Democrats to not let the socialist agenda pass Congress.

Responding to Bernie Sanders’s statement that Democrats would pass the bill together, Grassley said if the Democrat caucus votes together, they can achieve many things.

However, he appreciates the efforts of moderate Democrats in taking the wise decision of stopping the massive social spending bill. The senator from Iowa claimed once these socialist programs are started, it is extremely difficult to roll them back, as government spending programs are mostly on a permanent basis.

He lashed out at the administration for acting against expert advice, saying financial gurus have been instructing Democrats to not spend any extra government money, but the ruling elite is ignoring their instructions.

The lawmaker raised his concerns about the growing inflation in the country, saying it is not only affecting his constituents in Iowa, but also Americans all over the country.

Grassley expressed fear of the 70s and 80s when the interest rate was 17% and inflation touched 14%. The GOP lawmaker opined that this chronic inflation is detrimental for the poor and middle class, as it robs them of their money.