Democrats Attempt to Mess Up Critical Institutions

Congressional Democrats are playing with American institutions to extend their political agenda of banning guns.

Democratic Congressman Mondaire Jones stated the party would abolish the filibuster and even pack the Supreme Court in order to pass liberal gun laws.

House Democrat Attacks Supreme Court, Senate

Rep. Jerry Nadler of the Democrat Party called the emergency meeting of the House Judiciary Committee to discuss a new gun control bill named “Protecting Our Kids Act.”

During the meeting, Jones indicated school shootings are still a reality in America at a time when every other country managed to eliminate them.

Likewise, he accused Republicans of blaming mental health for mass shootings and defunding the mental health facilities at the same time. 

As Democrats always face the filibuster while they try to pass gun control legislation, the congressman stated, this time, Democrats would abolish the filibuster to force the bill to pass.

Similarly, he asserted Democrats would expand the Supreme Court, should it try to stop them from passing the anti-gun bill.

Responding to these comments of Jones, House Republican Jim Jordan said the only ambition of Democrats is to abolish the filibuster and to pack the court, which is now evident.

Democrats Want to Eyewash Their Voters

Once the bill is introduced in the House, the chamber is aiming to vote for it as early as next week.

This bill is intended to increase the age limit for the purchase of semi-automatic guns to 21, alongside redefining ghost gun laws and introducing a new ban on large-capacity magazines.

While this bill is bound to be blocked by the filibuster, Senate Democrats are working on a rather moderate agreement to win the much-needed support of Republicans.

Criticizing Democrats’ approach, Jordan established Democrats want to criticize NRA, guns, and Republicans while expecting them to pass their partisan agenda.

The only thing Democrats want is to overturn the Second Amendment, which is evident from Biden’s calls to ban 9mm handguns, Jordan added.

Republicans argued during the meeting that Democrats are not concentrating on the actual problem, including the mental health and family issues of the offender.

House Republicans also vowed to protect the Constitution from all attacks.

GOP Congressman Dan Bishop stated courts disallowed lawmakers from depriving young adults of legally allowed guns, but the proposal to increase the age for semi-automatic rifles is against the court’s verdict.

According to Jordan, this attempt by Democrats is only intended to lure voters to whom they have already pledged to control guns.

Gun control legislation is one of the most important talking points in American politics in the wake of the Uvalde school shooting.

Late last month, both parties stopped bills to control mass shootings in schools.

While Republicans’ bill was to increase parents’ participation to stop shootings, Democrats wanted to curb gun rights to control the brutal episodes.