Democrats Back off of Impeachment 2.0 Talk

"President Trump Travels to North Carolin" (Public Domain) by The White House

This weekend, President Trump will formally announce his nominee pick to occupy the presently vacant Supreme Court justice seat. With a Supreme Court that is currently at 4-4, both the president and the GOP maintain that filling this vacancy is paramount for the sake of election integrity and the nation as a whole.

Democrats, on the other hand, are incensed that they cannot stop Republicans from moving forward with a conservative justice nomination. In fact, just last weekend, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refused to rule out a possible second impeachment as a means of delaying the SCOTUS nomination pick.

Earlier this week, Kevin McCarthy, a California representative and the House Minority Leader, warned that he will move to have Pelosi ousted as House Speaker if she attempts a second impeachment.

Apparently, Pelosi took this warning to heart because on Thursday, she announced that Democrats will not move forward with a second sham impeachment, as confirmed by Breitbart News.

Why Democrats Are Backing Down from Impeachment 2.0 Talk

There’s no doubt that the warning from Leader McCarthy played a role in the left’s decision to step back from their impeachment talk. Of course, though, this is not the official reason that the Democrat Party is putting out.


On Thursday, the House Speaker spoke before the press, answering a series of questions. When asked about whether or not Democrats will pursue impeachment as a means of holding off the nomination of a new justice, Pelosi confirmed not. The House Speaker then went on to claim that the president “is not worth” the effort that another impeachment would require.

Before wrapping up, the House Speaker also made sure to note that “orchestrating one thing or another” isn’t more deserving than getting Americans to vote.

Beyond the SCOTUS Battle

The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg ignited the present battle regarding the Supreme Court; however, Republicans are also keeping their eyes on the 2020 presidential election and the congressional elections.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy remains confident that Republicans can win back the 17 seats needed to officially regain control of the lower congressional body. In doing so, the GOP would also officially retire Pelosi as House Speaker.

This is something that many congressional Republicans and even a few moderate Democrats are looking forward to.

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