Democrats in Congress Now Facing Impeachment Calls

"Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Third Way

This week marks the start of former President Trump’s impeachment trial. Last month, Democrats brought an impeachment article against the 45th president, following Capitol riots that resulted in death and destruction.

In the article of impeachment, Democrats allege that Trump’s words and tweets “incited” the insurrection over a month ago. Left-wing lawmakers, therefore, seek to have the former GOP president convicted in the Senate; although, due to so many Republicans’ opposition against impeachment, Trump is all but certain to face acquittal.

“Trump on the South Lawn, White House” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

The pursuit of impeachment against Trump for his words before the Capitol riots has opened up a can of worms, as Breitbart News reports. Sen. Rand Paul, for instance, is arguing that if politicians are to be held responsible for the actions of people who pay attention to them, then multiple Democrats in Congress should be facing impeachment as well.

The Slippery Slope of Impeachment

Yesterday, Sen. Paul, a Republican, sat down with Fox News Sunday for a chat about this week’s impeachment trial against Trump. Paul has already gone on record citing impeachment as “dead on arrival” once it hits the Senate; however, the Kentucky Republican had more to say.

Paul ultimately explained that politicians should not be on the hook for the behaviors of those who choose to listen to them. Likewise, the senator noted that if holding leaders responsible for the actions of their followers is the new trend, then Reps. Ilhan Omar and Maxine Waters should face impeachment, as should Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Schumer notably once professed that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch would “pay the price” and not know what “hit [him].” Reps. Omar and Maxine are likewise responsible for anti-Israel rhetoric and urging their supporters to “push back on” Trump appointees in public spaces.

Ultimately, Paul told Fox News Sunday that speech shouldn’t be criminalized, before stating that this week’s Senate trial is a “partisan farce.”

The Reality of Acquittal vs. Conviction

Democrats know that if Trump is convicted in the Senate trial, he’ll be legally prohibited from seeking public office. However, what the left isn’t acknowledging is that a Trump conviction would require two-thirds of the Senate to vote in favor; this is mathematically impossible without 17 votes from Republican senators.

Most Republicans in the Senate are not supportive of impeachment and have made this known. Therefore, logic dictates that they will not vote in favor of convicting the 45th president.

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