Democrats Insulted by a Top Democratic Campaigner

A former staffer of Kamala Harris’ campaign, Symone Sanders, spoke against Democrats who are speculating about Biden not seeking a second term for his presidency.

Calling them crazy, Sanders suggested Democrats should come up and run the elections themselves if they do not want to see Biden.

Sanders Defended Biden

Symone Sanders appeared on the “Sway” podcast of the New York Times on Monday.

The former top spokesperson of Harris claimed she is not the “spokesperson of the Biden administration” anymore. However, she still uses most of her time defending the top offices.

As Biden has not announced seeking reelection yet, speculations among the Democrats are rising in this regard.  

Sanders ran into a heated conversation with the host of the podcast, Kara Swisher, who asked her if the president should run for re-election in 2024.

Responding to this, Sanders stated she was born in 1989, and Biden had been running for the top office before her birth.

According to Sanders, someone who sought the highest office for so long that he ran three times would definitely want to run again in 2024.

However, the host was not satisfied with her answer. She reminded Sanders she does not work for Biden anymore, so she could tell her if there should be some other Democratic candidate for 2024.

On this, Sanders claimed people who think Biden should not run are “crazy.” The host immediately pushed back, claiming it was not crazy, but a “totally normal question.”

At this point, Sanders admitted there is a “lot of chatter” among Democrats that Biden should now rest because of his age.

She also dismissed this notion, adding that sidelining someone just because he is a “little older” is nothing more than a “crazy argument.”

Shame” on Democrats Who Want Biden’s Retirement

Sanders also started touting Biden’s agenda, claiming he has done a lot of things during his first fifteen months.

Saying “Shame on them” to Democrats who think Biden should not run for re-election, Sanders recommended her party members put their names forward for the presidency if they think Biden should retire. 

The former spokesperson also busted the notion regarding the prevailing distrust between Biden and Harris. According to her, both the president and the vice president enjoy a “good relationship.”

In addition to that, Sanders lambasted the media for treating Harris as the potential candidate for president and not as the vice president.

Whenever people look at Harris, they want some story and angle to spin the story, Sanders added.

The host of the podcast also asked whether or not the chaos of Harris’s office was over-reported. Sanders acknowledged this chaos is overreported, claiming she never read these sorts of stories for a “male-elected” official.

Sanders started her career on the liberal channel of MSNBC; despite the interview of first lady Jill Biden, her debut program recorded dismal ratings.

On her first program, Sanders just recorded 361,000 viewers on Sunday.