Democrats Joined Republicans in Stopping Biden’s Agenda

In a largely symbolic move, the US Senate blocked Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate, as two Democrats voted with 50 Republicans against Biden’s agenda. However, even if the measure passes the House, President Biden is likely to veto it once it goes on his desk.

Republicans used the Congressional Review Act

Republicans have long been emphasizing the overturn of Biden’s vaccine mandate. The highly-awaited vote happened on Wednesday with a final count of 52-48 in favor of blocking the measure.

Democrats Joe Manchin and Jon Tester joined Republicans in this vote. The GOP used the “Congressional Review Act,” to conduct a vote, as the Republican senator from Indiana, Mike Brown, sponsored the resolution.

Calling the mandate “a heavy hand of the government,” that imposes too many restrictions on private businesses, Brown noted the mandate was scaring Americans.

Prior to the vote, Brown reminded Democrats they should imagine a time when they could be on the wrong end if such a mandate becomes a reality in the future.

The lawmaker also asserted the decision to get vaccinated should remain between individuals and their doctors; it must not be dictated by politicians of the highest authority.

Likewise, Brown noted he himself is pro-vaccine and vaccinated completely; however, he has been getting phone calls from the general public who opposed the mandate.

Biden’s mandate forces businesses with more than 100 employees to get their workforce vaccinated or show a weekly negative test for the virus. However, the GOP has often opined the mandate is an example of government outreach defying the fundamental principles of freedom of expression.

In addition to this, Republicans also suggested these mandates are the primary reason people leave their jobs in order to avoid vaccinations. 

Right before the Wednesday vote, Shelley Moore, a Republican senator, noted this vaccine mandate is straining everyday life amid inflation.

She opined while Americans have to pay higher prices of groceries and gas, they are also concerned about the mandate. This mandate discourages people from getting and maintaining a job in the long run.

Furthermore, Biden’s mandate is the government’s invasion of Americans’ healthcare decisions.

Judges already halted Biden’s vaccine mandate temporarily

While the mandate received lawmakers’ backlash, many states have also taken executive actions against it.

Likewise, the judicial branch has been assertive in holding the mandate back. Last month, a federal court temporarily stopped the mandate for private businesses, with the judge noting it defies the basic principles of democracy.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, criticized Republicans on the vote. He asserted anti-vaxxers in Congress resemble those who believed a long time ago the sun revolves around the earth.

Likewise, he noted these sorts of people believe the Earth is flat, as they defy the fundamentals of science. The White House said the president will veto the resolution if it ever comes to his office.