Democrats Launch Attacks Against the Supreme Court


As the Supreme Court started listening to arguments in the famous Roe v. Wade case, Democrats took aim at reshaping the court, in their latest bid to change how the US courts work.

More Democrat senators than ever want to impose a mandatory retirement for judges, an idea which many liberals try to champion over time to change the Supreme Court’s construction.

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Democrats want to change the structure of the US Supreme Court

Senator Brian Schatz acknowledged Democrats are thinking of new ways to change the US Supreme Court, noting they did not pursue it in the past because they respect the separation of balance and power.

However, despite their long-time resistance to doing it, they are changing, especially since the Supreme Court started hearing the long-awaited Mississippi abortion case.

Talking about the ongoing abortion case, Schatz said he followed the proceedings of the case. He also has deep resentment the court has become a partisan institute, referring to the 6-3 conservative majority of the Supreme Court.

Thus, he suggested Democrats would try to change the partisan nature of the court.


Republicans have often proclaimed Democrats want to overhaul the courts just because they do not like judges’ opinions.

Earlier this year, Mike Lee, a GOP senator from Utah, noted packing the court is the effort of lawlessness by Democrats who want to spit in the face of the judiciary by using these tactics.

Democrats have a history of politicizing the Supreme Court

Democrat senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy asserted that no president should be allowed to fill the bench as, according to him, it politicizes the court. 

Likewise, Senator Richard Blumenthal also opined across the same lines, recommending his fellow lawmakers to consider term limits and mandatory retirements for justices.

While Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat senator from New Hampshire, discouraged increasing the number of judges in the court, she recommended changing the function of the court.

This is not the first time Democrats are exerting political pressure on the court regarding abortion.

Last year, Chuck Schumer, the then-Senate Minority Leader, joined abortion rights activists outside the Supreme Court. Schumer pointed fingers at two judges, calling them by their names.

While many Democrat presidential candidates vowed to pack the court during primaries back in 2020, Biden did not endorse the idea at that time. Biden once said he was “not a fan” of court-packing during his presidential campaign.

However, this changed after Biden came to power. This year, the 46th president constructed a commission to study expanding the Supreme Court.

According to the preliminary reports of the commission, packing the court will create a new wave of political maneuvering, which will help politicians in changing the number of justices for their political interests.