Democrats Not Ready to Accept Mask Mandate Reversal

Biden took a sharp u-turn on mask mandates for travelers after a federal judge of Florida declared the mandate void.

Meanwhile, press secretary Jen Psaki declined to answer the question of whether travelers would still be required to wear masks.

Jen Psaki Dodges Question on the Court’s Decision

On Tuesday, Biden was asked if people should continue wearing a mask while traveling. Responding to this, he replied it is “up to them” if they want to wear a mask.

Initially, the president announced he did not discuss with the CDC whether or not to challenge the decision.

However, later on, the Department of Justice declared it would appeal against the decision.

According to the DOJ, the CDC has the authority to enact such a mandate, and it is necessary for Americans for the time being.

Meanwhile, Kayleigh McEnany, the co-host of Fox News program “Outnumbered,” lambasted Psaki for declining a question regarding the federal judge’s decision.

McEnany noted that Psaki gave a “snarky” response when she was asked about the mask mandate.

The co-host asserted at a time when Psaki was supposed to say the government respects the court’s decision, she dodged the question.

Likewise, McEnany stated she heard the decision while on a flight and everyone started cheering around her, which depicts the public sentiments.

She also criticized liberals who started chiding the judge after the decision.

Co-host Kennedy also felt even Democratic voters believe it should be the individual choice of people whether to wear the mask or not.

Another co-host of the same show, Emily Compagno, said the judge was very clear in her decision that the CDC exceeded its authority in introducing the mandate.

Charlie Hurt, the guest of the show, claimed Democrats are showing disrespect to the American Constitution by protesting against the decision.

He established it is not so easy to take away the liberties of Americans which the CDC tried to do.

The White House is Shocked

Calling it an “unmistakably disappointing decision,” the White House already expressed its grievances against the verdict.

After the court’s verdict, many airports, including those of Los Angeles, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta, dropped the mandate. Though airports in Connecticut, New York City, and Chicago still require passengers to wear masks.

This mask mandate was one of the few government restrictions that remained even after the continuous decline in cases.

However, a Florida-based judge struck down the restriction in a 59-page ruling, calling enacting such a mandate beyond the scope of the work of the CDC.

Some officials from within the White House told the New York Times the Biden administration was surprised by the decision of the court. 

Speaking to reporters present on Air Force One during Biden’s visit to New Hampshire, Psaki stated public health officials and not the courts should make health policies.