Democrats Panic as Republicans Gear Up to Regain House Majority

"59th Presidential Inauguration support" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Within months, the Democrat Party has made a very strong case as to why putting them into powerful positions is a bad idea. Since Democrats’ control of the House and Senate, they’ve worked to freeze out Republicans and pass unpopular, partisan bills merely on party vote. 

Between now and November 2022, the House and Senate remain firmly locked in the Democrats’ majority. The left seeks to make the most of this at all cost; this is evident as leftist lawmakers campaign to end the filibuster so they don’t have to negotiate with the GOP on legislation. 

“Chief of the National Guard Bureau” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Nevertheless, House Republicans are highly expected to win back the majority next year. Breitbart News reports that this expectation has Democrats in a panicked frenzy. 

A Democrat Party in Crisis Mode?

There are several factors working against House Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

The task of having to defend a partisan, socialist agenda is one factor; another issue Democrats are having is that their party members in the House are either retiring or seeking other positions. The fact that districts are changing also isn’t doing the Democrat Party any favors. 

Former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) heads are already speaking out about the issue, calling for current House Democrats to take a proactive approach. The former DCCC chairs have also noted the problems that simultaneous retirements and changes in districts can bring. 

House Democrats already had a very slim majority, to begin with. Now, it’s about to get even slimmer. 

Strategies from House Republicans

Unlike the Democrats, House Republicans are in a very strong position to regain the House majority next year. The GOP is focused, in possession of a game plan, and is carrying out this game plan accordingly. 

A central element of the GOP’s strategies is focusing on swing districts where Democrats are most vulnerable. This is where votes from Independents and other non-partisan Americans will truly prove to be of value. 

Polling has shown that Republicans are projected to oust Democrats as the party with the House majority. Should the GOP regain the House, Nancy Pelosi will finally be out as House Speaker. Current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is widely projected to succeed Pelosi as Speaker if Republicans regain the majority. 

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