Democrats Pushing Narrative that Trump Won’t Leave Office

"Tour of Facilities During COVID-19 Pande" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

The left is extremely eager to ensure that Trump is a one-term president. As Democrats work on behalf of Biden, they’re also putting out meticulous, yet untrue, narratives about the current president of the United States.

To date, the president’s political foes continue to blame him for social unrest, economic calamity, and COVID-19. Democrats argue that each of these factors has been worsened by the current White House administration; however, this argument is not fact-based.


Economic calamity followed after weeks and months of shutdowns. Meanwhile, coronavirus has been traced back to Wuhan, China, just as social unrest is being carried out by left-wing agitators, not the president.

As the left works to scare the nation into voting for Joe Biden, they are also claiming that President Trump will not willingly leave the White House if he loses the 2020 election, reports Washington Examiner.

What to Know About the Latest Anti-Trump Narrative

During a recent interview with Politico, failed 2020 Democrat Bernie Sanders urged congressmembers to prepare for a scenario where President Trump doesn’t win re-election, yet resists leaving the White House.

Sanders warned of a “nightmarish scenario” and referenced remarks that the president made at the Republican National Convention. Trump stated during his speech that the only way he could lose the 2020 election is if it were “rigged;” Sanders criticized this statement, asserting that it arrived as “virtually every national poll” showed Trump behind Biden.

While speaking with Politico, Sanders conveniently left out some important details. He didn’t mention Trump’s lead on Biden in critical battleground states like Florida and South Carolina. The socialist also neglected to mention Trump’s approval increases from black and Hispanic Americans since the GOP National Convention.

Accepting the Outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election

Despite the scenario depicted by Bernie Sanders, the White House and President Trump’s re-election campaign have repeatedly stated that he will accept this year’s election outcome.

By contrast, though, the same cannot be said for Joe Biden. Not too long ago, two-time unsuccessful presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated that Biden shouldn’t concede the 2020 election under any circumstances whatsoever.

Sanders did not mention this information while speaking with Politico. Critics of Biden and supporters of Trump, on the other hand, are slamming this sentiment as dangerous and anti-American.

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