Democrats Speaking Against Biden for Promoting Racism

Former Congresswoman and Democrat Tulsi Gabbard scolded Joe Biden for promoting identity politics in America, as he promised to nominate a black woman for the Supreme Court

Biden should choose the justice based on qualifications, not race

While criticizing Biden, Gabbard noted the last experiment of the president to pursue identity politics by nominating Kamala Harris as his running mate (just because of her color and sex) went horribly wrong.

“Tulsi Gabbard” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

According to the congresswoman, selecting an unqualified vice president has been a disaster for the country. 

Thus, choosing the Supreme Court justice on the same criteria would not help the country at all; it will only promote identity politics, Gabbard suggested.

Nominating a black woman to the Supreme Court was a campaign promise for Biden. Since the outgoing Judge Stephen G. Breyer announced his retirement, the White House has often reiterated this stance.

Monday was the second time the former congresswoman wrote against the appointment of justices from a pre-selected identity.

Just two days earlier, Gabbard voiced her opinion that Biden should select a judge based on qualifications and the person’s commitment to defending freedom and the Constitution.

Both Kamala Harris and Tulsi Gabbard share a bitter history.

When the congresswoman grilled Harris over her record as a California prosecutor in 2020, Kamala Harris claimed Gabbard was jealous of her. Likewise, she called Gabbard an “apologist” for Syrian dictator President Bashar Assad.

Americans reject Biden’s racial decision to pick a Supreme Court justice

Even though Biden pledged to nominate a black woman, the latest poll suggests not many Americans want Biden to fulfill this campaign promise.

As per the latest poll of ABC News, 76 percent of Americans believe the president should look at the resumes of all possible nominees for the top court; only 23 percent of respondents thought he should stick to his promise.

This poll pushed the White House press secretary into hot water when reporter Mary Bruce asked Psaki why she thinks Americans want Biden to look into all nominees.

Responding to this, the secretary indicated Biden would surely choose the candidate with “impeccable credentials,” noting he made a promise.

Psaki started making an analogy with Republican presidents, giving examples of two GOP presidents, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, who promised to bring female justices and fulfilled their promises.

Although Democrats can pass any nominee on their own by avoiding the Senate filibuster, the fear persists in the White House that Democrat senators can vote against Biden’s choice.

For this, Biden started talking with Republicans. He invited the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, to the White House.

Calling Grassley a “friend,” Biden noted he wanted the advice and consent of the Senate before bringing forward the new nominee.