Democrats to Push for D.C. Statehood

At this time in America, the Democrat Party is in control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

This poses some serious challenges ahead for Republicans, at least until the 2022 midterms when the GOP has a chance to take back the House. For now, though, Republicans will have to contend with being the minority party in both congressional chambers; the nation is also having to deal with having Biden as president, at least until January 2025.

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During the Georgia runoffs, Republicans warned that should Democrats regain control of the Senate, they’d push for a series of radical policies and actions, such as granting statehood to Washington D.C.

Just yesterday, D.C. Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser professed that Democrats in the House and Senate will vote for D.C. statehood, per Breitbart News.

The Possibility of a 51st State

When Mayor Bowser spoke with Just The News yesterday, she appeared pretty confident in the nation gaining a 51st state. The Democrat mayor professed that a bill to grant D.C. statehood will be “reintroduced” in the U.S. Senate and subsequently voted upon; Bowser then noted that following the necessary votes, the bill will be sent to the desk of the 46th president.

Bowser and other Democrats seek for Biden to make D.C. statehood part of his agenda in his first 100 days. The 46th president has previously vocalized support for granting statehood to Washington D.C.; therefore, should this bill arrive on Biden’s desk, it appears virtually guaranteed that he will sign it into law.

Before the D.C. mayor’s interview wrapped up, she stated that her community deserves “full representation” in Congress.

Packing Government Institutions

Many folks opposed to D.C. statehood consistently warned that Democrats pushing for it seek control, rather than representation. Just as the left favors packing the Supreme Court to offset the power of conservative justices, they also want to pack the Senate.

Packing various government institutions with Democrats would essentially block the GOP from having any real say regarding decisions made in this nation. Full and absolute power is what the Democrats seek, despite their work to dress it up as a push for fairness and equality.

Whether or not Democrats do manage to ram D.C. statehood into law during the Biden administration remains to be seen.

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