Democrats are Killing American Culture Through Social Spending


Democrats’ envisioned $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill intends to increase social spending across the country; it has sparked criticism and outrage, as Republicans believe it could destroy American values of dignity and prosperity by offering people free money and discouraging them against working.

Giving Free Money Will Hinder Economic Growth and Destroy American Culture

GOP lawmakers, along with some moderate Democrats, are raising concerns about the bill that can deteriorate Americans’ work ethic. This social spending measure will pave the way for the child tax credit.

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Likewise, it will include highly subsidized college tuition fees, universal pre-kindergarten, expanded Medicare, increased benefits for illegal immigrants, and much more.

Susan Collins, a Republican senator from Maine, expressed her concerns about the bill, labeling it an “expansive entertainment program” that can backfire. She stated that issuing money to people negates prosperity, dignity, and equality.

It does this by rejecting the American concept of equal opportunity for all. The GOP senator was dismayed, saying proven tactics to incentivize Americans are rewarding them for their work and not gifting them free lunches.

Similarly, Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, voiced his concerns along the same lines. McCarthy believes government checks can never be a substitute for hard work and earned money. He further clarified that welfare without work is the antithesis of American values. 

Kevin McCarthy labeled the Democrat Party as the “socialist big government party,” saying that in order to save America, lawmakers have to stop this bill. Likewise, the congressman stated the Biden administration is waging war against small American businesses.

Massive Social Spending to Bring Dysfunction to American Economy

Time and time again, Republicans have censured Democrats for promoting socialism in the country. Sen. Marco Rubio said in June that Biden opposed this failed system when he was a senator in the 1990s. Likewise, Rubio evinced that government’s focus should be on encouraging work ethic, rather than serving free money to people.

As Republicans continue slamming Democrats on the multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill, they are also being accompanied by moderate Democrats from the Senate.

Sen. Joe Manchin, for instance, backed Republicans’ demand that work should be a prerequisite of getting monthly child tax credits, as it will encourage parents to play a role in strengthening the economy.

Manchin also believes incentivizing Americans with this much free money will spur dysfunction in society, as millions of job vacancies already remain unfilled, due to the unavailability of workers.

The inability of Biden to bring moderates and liberals together on the social spending bill is an encouraging sign for Republicans. This stalemate in the Democrats’ ranks is hindering the bill that Republicans already oppose.

Progressives already called to kill the smaller infrastructure bill, in case House Democrats do not entertain the social spending bill. Democrats cannot expect any Republican support in the passing of this bill; this has encouraged them to walk the route of the budget reconciliation process to avoid the Senate filibuster.