Democrats Mercilessly Attempt to Allow Future School Shootings

Despite seeing the brutal episode of the mass shooting in a Texas elementary school, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer rejected Republicans’ bill that sought safety at schools.

Democrats Refuse Protecting American Schools

A day after the school shooting, GOP lawmaker Ron Johnson wanted to pass the Luke and Alex School Safety Act with bipartisan consent.

This bill is named after two victims of the 2018 shooting in Parkland, Florida.

With this bill, Republicans wanted to establish a “Federal Clearinghouse on School Safety Best Practices” with the help of the Department of Homeland Security.

These practices were supposed to be used by local law enforcement agencies in collaboration with health experts and the general public.

For this purpose, the bill required DHS to collect data for clearinghouses and gauge public opinion regarding the implementation of the best practices.

Similarly, the public recommendations were also supposed to be taken into consideration with the help of the now-rejected bill.

However, Schumer was not happy with this development. On Twitter, he stated it would result in “more guns” in schools.

Instead, the Senate Majority Leader noted gun regulations and the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act should be passed to stop shooting episodes in schools.

Democrats Want to Snatch Americans’ Weapons 

On the floor of the Senate, Schumer asserted Democrats can consider the GOP legislation if Republicans agree to debate on the domestic terrorism bill.

Responding to this reaction from Democrats, Johnson claimed it was a “sad day” for the American Senate.

Democrats wanted to do a crackdown on so-called white supremacy under the Domestic Terrorism bill by empowering the FBI and Justice Department.

The law could also have curbed Americans’ right to possess firearms, which are protected under the Second Amendment.

Later on, Johnson tweeted Schumer does not want to pass the bill which American parents have been pursuing for many years. He further mentioned Democrats are only concerned with bills that keep them in power.

Rick Scott, a Republican senator from Florida who co-sponsored the bill, also lambasted Schumer, calling him a “liar and a hack.”

Similarly, another Republican co-sponsor of the bill, Marco Rubio, indicated that Schumer only wants to appease the far-left faction of his political party by not making the school safety clearinghouse permanent.

The clearinghouse is already available at Republicans only wanted to codify it into law.

As radical left Democrats want to defund law enforcement agencies, their opposition to the bill was also expected.

Meanwhile, Democrats brought the Domestic Terrorism bill to the Senate on Thursday, but Republicans blocked it in an equally divided Senate.

The bill got 47 votes in its favor, falling 13 votes short of the magical number of 60 needed to pass the bill under the filibuster.