Dems Selective Justice Poses Threat to Integrity of Midterms

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is ready to help Democrats on November 8, when Americans will vote nationwide in the midterm elections.

Government watchdogs believe the DOJ will specifically intervene in the elections in red states under the cover of Biden’s executive order, which urges the department to increase voter turnout across the country.

DOJ Ready to Rig Midterm Elections

On Wednesday, the DOJ released a summary of its Election Day plan, according to which the federal government will ensure that all voters have free and fair access to the polling stations.

Likewise, the DOJ’s plan noted that any discrimination and intimidation would not be tolerated on Election Day.

So, the DOJ continued, the Criminal, Civil Rights, and National Security Divisions will lead the effort to conduct transparent elections.

According to the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), the DOJ is unable to provide specific details of its Election Day plan, which suggests the government is ready to enforce selective transparency.

Furthermore, the FGA noted the DOJ plan shows the hypocrisy of the Biden administration, as it aims to target red states only.

Stewart Whitson, the legal director of the FGA, revealed the DOJ would only enforce its action plan in the Republican states to help Democratic candidates in winning their elections.

Whitson added attorney generals of red states would sue the Biden administration if any federal agency tries to propagate partisan actions on Election Day.

After influencing the midterm elections, Whitson continued, Democrats are aiming to rig the 2024 presidential election in the same way.

Similarly, Whitson claimed more than 50 congressional lawmakers are asking the DOJ to unveil its plan to implement Biden’s Election Day executive order, but the department is failing to release unedited documents.

DOJ Not Producing Publicly Available Documents

For a long time, the FGA pushed the DOJ to release the strategic plan, which is supposed to implement Biden’s executive order. However, the DOJ only handed over edited documents to the FGA to keep its election-day ambitions secret.

The DOJ is hesitant to release the strategic plan for the implementation of Biden’s executive order at a time when the US court ordered them to release all the publicly available documents to the FGA.

Not only this, but the DOJ is also pursuing a restaffing drive to fill leftist people in the department who are committed to intervening in the integrity of midterm elections in red states.

The controversial executive order of the Biden administration aimed to promote so-called voter access across the United States. With the executive order, the president enabled federal agencies to launch go-to-vote and voter registration drives in various parts of the country.

Many election watchdogs have raised the alarms that the federal government would only target areas for voter registrations where Democratic candidates are expected to lose their elections otherwise.