Deported Illegal Immigrants Coming Back to America

The Biden administration recently announced a new migration policy for Venezuelan immigrants to curb their illegal flow into America. 

However, just some days after the announcement of the new policy, the erstwhile illegal immigrants who were deported from America are coming back to the United States. 

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Most Venezuelan illegal immigrants vow to return to America, even after risking their lives.

Deported Illegal Immigrants Are Coming Back to America

On Wednesday, an illegal Venezuelan immigrant, Angie Pina, entered America before the announcement of a new immigration policy by the Biden administration. 

Pina was sent back to Mexico with almost a dozen other Venezuelan illegal immigrants after remaining in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Texas for a day.

After going back to Mexico, Pina stated she wasted one month to enter America, adding that she is broke, which is urging her to suicide if she fails to make it into the United States.

On Saturday, Pina told the New York Post that she would make another attempt to enter America, as she cannot go to Venezuela. Furthermore, Pina asserted that she is a lesbian, so she is not accepted by Venezuelan society, which forced her to move to the United States.

Eventually, Pina, alongside two other Venezuelan immigrants, tried their luck again, but ended up getting arrested by Border Patrol agents while trying to enter America on Sunday.

All of them were taken to a holding cell, from where they are likely to be deported again.

Deported Illegal Immigrants Vow to Re-enter America

Other deported Venezuelan immigrants also noted they would enter America, even if they need to contact smugglers for this purpose.

Similarly, one immigrant stated it is practically impossible for them to go back to Venezuela since there are thousands of more people coming to the United States at the moment.

Some Venezuelan immigrants also said they asked Mexican officials to deport them back to Venezuela, but they are not even sending them to their home country.

Immigrants added they exhausted all of their resources while coming to America, so they could not afford their own journeys back to Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Voice of America reported that many Venezuelan illegal immigrants are now expected to change their route toward America, but they are not giving up on their efforts, despite the introduction of the new policy by the Biden administration.

Last week, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, revealed America would only entertain 24,000 Venezuelan immigrants through a legal framework while deporting all the illegally arrived people back to Mexico.

Reportedly, Venezuelan illegal immigrants are now seeking to find those routes which are not protected by too many law enforcement officials. Though these border sectors are dangerous to cross as they are surrounded by deep rivers and hilly terrain.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.