DeSantis Getting Major Gains Over Trump for 2024

Former President Donald Trump is facing new challenges, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has started leading him in the 2024 presidential election polls.

Latest surveys suggest Americans want to see DeSantis as a Republican candidate for the next presidential election.

Trump Losing It All

According to the latest polls of YouGov, 49% of Americans prefer DeSantis, while only 41% of them want to see Trump running for the White House again.

DeSantis is also enjoying a small lead over Trump among Independent voters, who are also inclined toward the Florida governor. The poll was conducted between November 19 to November 22 and released ahead of Thanksgiving. Almost 1,500 voters took part in the polling.

Before the midterm elections, Trump was leading against DeSantis in another YouGov poll. However, once Trump announced his presidential election run, voters started shifting toward DeSantis.


In a separate poll by Quinnipiac University, almost 60% of Americans expressed their displeasure about Trump’s reelection bid. Apart from that, 43% of Americans suggested they wanted to see DeSantis as a Republican candidate over Trump.

However, among Republicans, both DeSantis and Trump enjoyed the support of 43% of voters each, in the Quinnipiac University poll.

Meanwhile, DeSantis is also likely to defeat Trump in the Republican primary, as per the data gathered by the conservative organizations, WPA Intelligence and Club for Growth.

This data suggested DeSantis is leading Trump by 11 percentage points in Iowa, 15 percentage points in New Hampshire, 20 points in Georgia, and 26 points in Florida.

DeSantis to Get an Easy Victory Over Trump

Furthermore, some other polls in which Trump was leading DeSantis previously are also showing the Florida governor making an impressive comeback.

On Monday, a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll noted Trump is maintaining a lead over DeSantis, but DeSantis has managed to reduce this lead by 11 percentage points.

The co-director of this survey, Mark Penn, claimed DeSantis is gaining popularity with time; so it is only a matter of time before Trump loses against the Florida governor by a significant margin.

Though some surveys are also showing positive results for Trump. For instance, an Emerson College poll stated Trump is leading DeSantis by 30 percentage points.

Trump celebrated these results of Emerson College on his social media platform, Truth Social, and lashed out at anti-Trump Republicans and far-left Democrats for considering him a weak politician.

The same survey found out Biden is expected to defeat both Trump and DeSantis in 2024, but the former president did not discuss that part of the poll.

Only DeSantis will likely be tough competition for Trump in the 2024 Republican primaries. No other possible Republican presidential candidate even has double-digit support, as per the same Emerson College poll.

Trump became the first major politician to kick off a presidential election campaign. Most Republicans and Democrats are likely to announce their presidential runs next year.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.