DEVELOPING: Harris’ Aides Have Had Enough

The chief spokesperson and senior adviser of Kamala Harris, Symone Sanders, is about to leave office soon.

This would mark the second high-level departure from Harris’ office, as her communications director also announced she would leave Harris, amid the reports of Harris’ office dysfunction.

Symone Sanders leaving Kamala Harris’ office amid news of disarray

On Wednesday, a White House official said Symone Sanders served honorably in her capacity for almost three years.

She was with Democrats in Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, followed by his transition team, before joining the VP office after the inauguration.

Recently, reports started surfacing that the vice president is unhappy about the way she is being used politically.

Sanders has often traveled with Harris on not only domestic trips, but also on foreign trips for the tasks Biden assigned to her.

The vice president was assigned to push Democrats in introducing the so-called voting rights measures in the backdrop of new voting laws being introduced by many Republican states.

Likewise, she was tasked with dealing with the surging immigration crisis on the US southern border, an issue which even presidents struggle to tackle.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, considered a situation “natural,” saying many staff members want to move to a new position after a few years.

Likewise, she added it could help the White House with introducing new faces in the administration, which will add different voices and new perspectives in the government. 

An anonymous White House official said the vice president loves and values Symone.

An official with knowledge of the matter noted the staff members are concerned about Harris. They think she is neither prepared nor well-positioned to replace Biden as the president once he steps down.

Instead, the official noted, the vice president is being sidelined.

Harris’ presidential election hopes have been shattered

Recently, the news about Kamala Harris being the Democrat presidential nominee for the 2024 election made headlines, as the concerns about Biden’s age started growing.

However, the White House already indicated Joe Biden has “intentions” to run for a second term in the 2024 election, which lingers Harris’ potential presidential race to at least 2028.

Sanders said she felt honored being with the presidential campaign of Joe Biden and serving the vice president.

Her abandonment of Harris raises questions, as Sanders has long been involved with Democrats in various capacities. In 2016, she was associated with Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign as well.

Sanders also expressed her wish earlier that she wanted to be the press secretary of the White House to become the first black woman to hold the job. However, Jen Psaki was chosen over her, leaving her hopes in dismay.

The infamous disarray in Harris’ office did not come as a surprise, as her approval rating consistently remained below Biden, who himself struggled to be in the good books of Americans.