DEVELOPING: Kamala Harris Accused of BULLYING

In a major image-booster and casual interview given to a local newspaper, Vice President Kamala Harris said her responsibility as an elected leader is to go and talk to people.

The comments came in the backdrop of rising concerns about the increasing turmoil in Harris’ office, as employees accused the vice president of “bullying.”

Kamala denies rift in office, despite ample evidence

Recently, two of the top aides of Kamala Harris, including Symone Sanders and Ashley Etienne resigned from their offices.

Likewise, two other employees are also eyeing resignation, which will further deepen the crisis. It is widely believed Harris’ potential is being underutilized in the administration, which encouraged the employees to resign.

About a week ago, one of the staffers of Harris’ office updated his social media status while working on a computer, saying he loved his job.

However, he became meme material immediately, with people making a series of funny comments, including claiming the staffer was held hostage by the vice president. Some people jokingly advised the employee to blink twice if Harris had a gun on him to force the status.

One of Harris’ employees who aided her office before the start of her vice presidency noted that she is a “bully,” who often wields “soul destructive criticism” against her employees.

In her interview, Harris refused to admit any disorder in her office. She stated she loves people and has done a lot of things that impact people’s lives.

The vice president further asserted the pandemic impacted people with undiagnosed trauma, which increased the anxiety of Americans; thus the role of elected leaders has been increased, amid coronavirus.

Once again, the interview tried to put the burden of Democrats’ failure on Trump’s shoulders, mentioning that Harris did not get any time to prepare for the challenges that lay ahead of her, due to inherited problems.

Kamala Harris has inept training in negotiating with Republicans

Despite the concerns that President Biden underestimates Kamala Harris’ role in the administration, Harris noted Biden understands the job description of the vice president because he already served under this capacity in the past.

Calling herself and Biden a “governing partner,” she said Biden’s role in her vice presidency is very important. Harris showed sympathy to Biden, saying he could not do everything, due to his busy schedule.

Barbara Lee, a Democrat congresswoman, voiced her support for Kamala Harris. She highlighted the press’ role against Harris, asserting the media treated Harris wrongly by ignoring her achievements.

Peggy Noonan, a conservative writer, noted over the years, Harris practiced as a California Democrat where the party saw no resistance. However, on the national spectrum where nearly half the country is conservative, Harris is struggling to communicate her message, due to this political divide and inept training.