DHS Invites Communist Terrorist to Visit U.S. Maritime Security Sites

This week, critical U.S. maritime security facilities, including the Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and port facilities in Wilmington, North Carolina, were given access by a group.

This group is from Cuba’s Border Agent and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The invitation was extended as a part of the International Port Security Plan.

This seeks to lessen the danger to American ports and ships, as well as other maritime interests and safe international commerce.

Yet it seems odd that the Biden administration would permit entry to a rival country with a history like Cuba’s. Cuba, Syria, Iran, and North Korea are all included on the State Department’s list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

Cuba’s Long History of Providing Assistance to Terror Organizations

According to the State Department, Cuba has a long history of providing guidance, refuge, communications, training, and financial assistance to guerrilla organizations and lone terrorists.

Moreover, the communist island houses several fugitives who have committed or aided terrorist activities in the United States.

It maintains strong and cooperative connections with other countries that have been recognized as state sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran and North Korea.

Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, raised the issue and urged that the visit be postponed.

Rubio said the Biden administration should provide justification for disclosing the nation’s security measures to a foreign foe.

Rubio reminded the president in a letter that Cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism because it refused to assist the United States in combating terrorism.

Likewise, it continues to support Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces, Columbia’s National Liberation Army, and Venezuela’s Maduro narco-regime.

Assaults on civilians and drug trafficking that brings fentanyl, cocaine, and other substances to our borders are carried out by both of these international terrorist groups, according to Rubio.

It is unacceptable that you would provide security personnel from Cuba access to critical national security facilities and marine security procedures. Cuba is a State Sponsor of Terrorism that actively collaborates with drug traffickers, China, Russia, and Iran.

Biden Admin Allowed Adversary Country to Access Crucial Security Facilities

Cuba continues to have strong ties with countries that support terrorism, such as Iran and North Korea.

Several terrorists and fugitives from US law have also found refuge on the communist island. Joanne Chesimard, who is also known as Assata Shakur and listed as one of the FBI’s most sought terrorists, is one of them.

After being found guilty by a jury of the 1979 murder of a New Jersey State Trooper, Chesimard was given a life term in prison.

She was able to get out of prison and go to Cuba with the aid of other cult members.

Chesimard is one of the people who will be extradited by the communist government of Cuba after it granted safe refuge to more than 70 fugitives, according to bipartisan legislation that was filed last year.

It is significant to note, as a result of Republican Senator Marco Rubio, the recent Coast Guard trip was shortened and the Cuban group only stopped by port facilities in North Carolina.