DHS Secretary Acknowledged Border Mess, Still Backs Biden

Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, refused to deny the Biden administration is willing to admit illegal immigrants into the United States.

Meanwhile, current and former Border Patrol officials heavily criticized the administration for misleading Americans regarding the border crisis.

DHS Secretary Accepted Huge Mess on Southern Border

The southern border has been in absolute chaos since Biden came into power; Democrats know this, as well.

Speaking to Fox News, Mayorkas acknowledged more than 1.4 million illegal immigrants have either been released or managed to avoid apprehension since the start of Biden’s presidency.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked the secretary if it is the “objective” of the incumbent administration to stop illegal immigrants. Responding to this, Mayorkas beat around the bush and did not answer the question directly.

He noted the administration wants to ensure a “safe” and “legal” way for people coming into the United States. 

While acknowledging the American immigration system is “broken” and needs rebuilding, Mayorkas, however, started selling a leftist narrative, adding we need to fix legislation.

He further asserted that “legal” pathways would help people to enter the US without putting their lives at risk.

Border Agents Committing Suicide Due to Biden’s Policies

While assuring Congress the southern border is “secured,” Mayorkas asserted DHS “effectively managed” the crisis. However, Border Patrol officials lambasted the secretary for his false comments.

One agent told TownHall that he was curious about the type of “drug” Mayorkas is taking.

Similarly, the agent stated the current administration only intensified the border crisis by introducing new ways for illegal immigrants.

The morale of Border Patrol agents is low, the agent continued, which is evident from the rising suicide rates among border officials.

In addition to this, the agent claimed he could not wait for the time he retires from the service, as these measures of the Biden administration made his life miserable.

Another agent spoke against Mayorkas and his boss Biden along the same lines.

He suggested the Biden administration is busy “pissing off” agents who proudly wear the uniform, despite having no support or resources to fight illegal immigration.

In addition to that, the president of Border Patrol’s Local 2366-Del Rio Texas, Jon Anfinsen, scolded Mayorkas for his controversial remarks during a Congress hearing. He noted the secretary is “delusional” about borders.

Even most liberal advocates of open borders, according to Anfinsen, will be shocked by seeing the prevailing crisis on borders.

Anfinsen further claimed Mayorkas knows the truth, but he will not do anything against the will of the White House.

Former acting CBP commissioner Mark Morgan also spoke against the border policies of the Biden administration. He established that Mayorkas “continues to lie” to Americans regarding the crisis he created with the help of the president.

Furthermore, Morgan said Mayorkas even failed to apologize to the agents whose careers have been destroyed by the incumbent administration.